Smell Like A Kennedy

A long time ago, I read something about Rose Kennedy’s perfume. She always wore the same scent and kept it’s identity a secret, even from her own children both when they were small and grown.

The passage went something like Rose would appear in the children’s bedrooms, all dressed up and bejeweled and smelling wonderful. No matter how they tried to get it out of her, Rose would never reveal what the scent was. Today, thanks to Al Gore’s internet, it’s written down for all the world to know. It was Liu by Guerlain.

“Liù was discontinued after Rose Kennedy’s death and briefly reissued in 2005 by Jean Paul Guerlain in the Eau de Toilette concentration only, and then discontinued again with no explanation. Soon afterwards however it entered Les Parisiennes line, the exclusive line-up at Boutique Guerlain, in Eau de Parfum concentration and double the price, where it remains to this day (hopefully for good!). The re-issue of Liù in Eau de Parfum can be found in the big bee bottles at the Guerlain boutiques and at Bergdorf Goodman. The vintage parfum makes sporadic appearences on Ebay.”

                                           Perfume Shrine, Liu by Guerlain

I was disappointed to see that Jackie Kennedy has a relatively pedestrain list of go-to fragrances with nothing specified as a favorite.

Joy, Fleurissimo, Bal A Versailles, 1000 Patou, Jil Sander 4, Jicky, Lorenzo Villoresi(light Citrus), Mad Moments, Personal Artviva fragrance, Fleurissimo, Valentino, Fiori Di Capri

Ethel Kennedy, mother of multiple Kennedy creeps,  was said to out-Kennedy all of the vigorous children of Rose and Joe. She was right int here witht he boating and the touch football and the competitive spirit. And guess what her frangrance was? Liu! Poor dumb Ethel, trying in every way to be a Kennedy and not a Skakel.

FYI – Michelle Obama smells like cherries*. Also cheeseburgers.

* Your grain of salt: I call bullshit on this article’s claim for MOO’s favorite scent. It is well-known that the one mentioned is actually Laura Bush’s signature scent. Someone was probably going through the White House garbage and came across a bottle that was swept into the bin when the O’s moved in and came to the wrong conclusion. Also, this article goes on to refer to SJP as “the most respected celebrity in the perfume-making world” so right there is cause for suspicion.


6 thoughts on “Smell Like A Kennedy

  1. >>>Once a kindergarten boy who met Michelle Obama was in awe that her handshake smelled like a bowl of cherries>>>

    Probably because she’d just polished off a cherry pie with her bare hands…

    The good news for Michelle is that she doesn’t have former romantic partners showing up and busting her out as being stinky. Unlike some White House occupants we know.

  2. I like to smell like a lemon; fresh and clean. Plus, my nosy kids think I’ve been busy polishing the furniture and don’t notice the, um, tea.

    Jean Nate

  3. My faves were a movable feast. Givenchy Le De, Lagerfeld’s Chloe, Estee, Norell (all-time favorite that was last seen in drug store instead of high end department store – problem? It was a stand alone, with only body lotion as an add on.), Opium (still use),Givenchy Ysatis (still use).

  4. I bought a bottle of Opium when I was 16 and went to Paris with my high school French club. I’ve worn it ever since, with only a brief affaire with Obsession. That was for a man. Never change your perfume for a man if it’s part of who you are. Instead, take it as a sign that he’s the wrong man.

    I wish I’d had someone to teach me that lesson the easy way.

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