Redecorating the Den

Remember when I decorated the den in the theme of Craftsman Style Meets American West Plus Pine Cones And A Big Clock? Well, over the last day or two I’ve added to the theme. Now it’s more of Craftsman Style Meets American West Plus Pine Cones And A Big Clock In a Convalescent Center.

Things that are in my den today that weren’t here yesterday:

  • an electric bed
  • a walker
  • a rocker
  • a “just in case” plastic bin to protect the carpet
  • a bedside table
  • a remote control holder full of remote controllers
  • an incentive spirometer
  • a timer
  • 5 helium “Welcome Back” balloons
  • a Sami
  • a faithful corgi companion

UPDATE Monday morning : For my own self-preservation, I had to limit the number of  Sami’s “oohs” to 500 per 8 hour shift. He woke up at 6 am and by 6:30, he had used 50 of them. He’s going to run out ahead of schedule if the keeps it up at this rate.

UPDATE Monday afternoon: He is feeling rested and restless.

Places he has tried to go (unsuccessfully) so far:

  • the garage (to look for kitchen can bags)
  • upstairs (to look for “older” underwear) (ha ha) (it’s all “older”)
  • the outside garbage can area (to threaten cats)
  • the deck (to assess the weather)

Places he succeeded in getting  to:

  • the kitchen
  • the bathroom

UPDATE: Monday evening: I dragged him out to the deck after supper for the healthful benefits of fresh air. He protested. I pointed out that all of the centengenarians of note are from  cold areas* like the Ural Mountains or Belorussia . You never hear about the “oldest living person in Egypt” because they only achieve their 60s. Breathe deep, old man. If you can manage get to the trash bags, you can manage to fill your lungs with cool restorative air.

*Rhoda Morgenstern was right. You do keep better where it’s cold.


14 thoughts on “Redecorating the Den

  1. What, no pee-pee bottle ? I had my den decorated the same way 2 Christmases ago, very festive 🙂 (my dh’s hip replacement). Speedy recovery to both of you !

  2. The decor is improved by having the hubs home. Your life has taken a bit of a frenetic turn in the bast few months. You have my sympathy and Sami has my prayers for a quick recovery.

  3. A single remote is a mighty man totem therefore a whole basket of remotes would render any one man as powerful as the pharaoh.

  4. OK, that photo is just plain unfair (sniff…no, no, I just have something in my eye…). People ask why we put up with the hassle of owning dogs. There’s the reason.

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