4 thoughts on “Presidentin’ Is Hard”

  1. When you schedule up to 6 campaign… I mean, Presidential stops in one day (Note: actual number, not made up) you tend to lose your train of thought. Or maybe somebody made the mistake of telling him the May unemployment numbers before he went on stage.

    I sometimes believe the Romney campaign might just as well limit itself to repeating the jobless figure over and over again until November. BTW, the “jobless rate”, as opposed to the “unemployment rate” is over 12%. “Jobless” takes into account people who have given up looking or who are working under 20 hrs a week. It does *not* count people who are working beneath their skill level. So, if you are an engineer or an electrician stocking shelves at Home Depot it doesn’t show up in the jobless figure, but I am guessing it will show up in that curtained voting thingamajig.

  2. The “smartest man in the room” thinks there is a thingamajig in a furnace that people have been unable to replace because their taxes are too high. He is an idiot who knows next to nothing after 50 years on this planet. Idiot.

  3. So many things to say, all of them scathing. I wish I were better at this.
    My grandfather’s furnace had a thingamajig, but they haven’t had those for years. Now it’s a widget. I wish Obama would keep up with the times. I thought he was the ‘cool” president.

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