From Our Mailbag

This means more to me than the actual birthday card from QVC signed by all the show hosts and  offering me Easy Pay for any item of my choice but not as much as the email coupon for a free entree from Houlihan’s Restaurant.

But where is the appreciation from the Vaccination people?


6 thoughts on “From Our Mailbag

  1. I had one of those “I need to have my eyes checked” moments when I tried to read the fine print. I won’t write what society I thought it was, but if one exists, being a member may have some drawbacks.

    Anyway, Happy Birthday even if the vaccination experts don’t recognize your importance, or your birthday.

  2. I get a birthday card from my insurance agent. We never met so it kinda takes away from the sentiment. “Happy Holidays” from the Chevy dealer where I bought my minivan 17 years ago.

    Oh well. Happy Birthday to you Suzette, may all your “crepes” be light and fluffy.

  3. Happy Birthday. I wish I had a coupon to give you. Instead I’ll give you this advice. Never tell your husband you think this would be a good year to cut back right before your birthday.

  4. The Farmers Insurance guy sends me a card every year. Given that I don’t know him and I don’t use Farmers it is kinda weird.

    Happy birthday.

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