1. I have erected my Cloak of Invisibility on the deck.

Give it your best, lookyloos. I’m invisible now.

Maybe later I’ll drive over to the other street to evaluate the degree of invisibility the mosquito netting is actually providing. I might have to go with my original plan of hanging shower curtains  from the gazebo. One way or the other, I will not have the stares of the lookyloos invading my private space. Whatever it takes, lookyloos.

2. We had our front stoop redone and when the guys were finished, they erected a tarp to protect the fresh cement from rain.

Now there’s  a charming blue light that shows through the front windows. It appeals to me so much that it made me aware of how little the color blue is in my life. Maybe I’ll hang the tarp from the gazebo when the stoop work is done. Take that, lookyloos.


5 thoughts on “Sheild

  1. The blue may wear on you over time. So many people along the Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi Gulf Coast had those tarps for skylights for *years* after Katrina, Rita and Ike that it looked normal.

    Yet it was oddly appropriate since it’s the shade believed to be favored by Our Blessed Mother, to whom so many of us prayed to inflict the storms on someone else. (Or alternatively, blow themselves out over the Gulf.)

  2. Cool! And when you are out there at night put the candles or lamps outside the netting and you will be virtually invisible within.

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