Matt Wiener, You Are On Notice

My favorite TV show of all time is Mad Men. Me and a billion other cable viewers. One thing I cannot tolerate is Leftwing ideology woven into a storyline.  Matt Wiener already has two stikes against him this season.

  1. The gratuitous knock against Mitt Romney’s father voiced by a former Rockefeller staffer signaling lack of confidence and ridiculing the senior Romney’s character*.
  2. The OBVIOUS remark “Forward” from Don Draper when Sterling Cooper Draper Price is at a financialcrossroads and the fate of the company hangs on a new account. Don gives a pep talk to the downhearted employees and ends with that single word of encouragement.

Jesus God.

I am telling you that I am not going to tolerate another thinly veiled reference to America 2012 that favors Obama or knocks Republicans.

*The big thing the left hates is a decent relationship and/or respect for one’s father. Bush/Bush=bad. Clinton/Jefferson = good. Obama/Obama = jackpot.


5 thoughts on “Matt Wiener, You Are On Notice

  1. I wish we were friends in the flesh, I couldn’t agree more with your sentiments. The left wing ideology is in almost EVERYTHING that comes over the airwaves, tv and movies. Makes me want to scream sometimes, how they always portray anyone from the right as bigoted bubbas, or rich, vacuous, selfcentered morons. I am neither one of those, and don’t know any!!

    • I started to get annoyed at the recent “Family Guy” episode that portrayed Tea Party members as mindless anarchists who wanted NO government whatsoever and soon saw the error of their ways when civilization started crashing down, but then I realized it was predictably stupid.

  2. How do you sustain your conservative ideals in liberal New Jersey? It’s a given here in conservative Wyoming that I, a granddaughter of a Franklin Rosevelt Democrat, daughter of a Eisenhower Republican and Nixon voter in the first election in which I could vote, should be a conservative. In NJ it must be much less mainstream. I’m one of those nobodies she ever heard of who voted for Nixon. Flyover country baby! Anyway, I love your feisty political come-and-get-it attitude.

  3. There *are* Republicans in NJ, including our governor and other elected officials. NJ mirrors the nation in that the more rural and suburban areas are Republican, the more urban areas are Democrat. Alas, we are a state full of cities.

    Much was made of the new Obama campaign buzzword: mainly that about half the socialist/communist/Bakuninist/anarchist/misc. lefty-ist publications of the 19th and 20th centuries bore that name. That or “Truth”. Schnort!

  4. I enjoy Stephen King’s writing, but I get really weary of his not-so-subtle working of his politics into just about everything he’s written in the last dozen years or so. Even in the novel “Under the Dome,” where there was one prominent character who was a Republican, and another who was a member of the military, the novel went to great pains to assure us that the Republican didn’t act like a Republican, and the military guy was pretty full of contempt for the military.

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