The Big Bad Dog

I should probably spend my time thinking about how to make money on the internet  instead of how to spend it. Look at Dog the Bounty Hunter, for instance. His official website has a store, as many do, but the genius there is that along with the usual t-shairts, ball caps and travel mugs, there is a category marked “Special Items”. And there’s only one item in there:


$99 seems very reasonable to me for a talk with the Dog. I have a lot on my mind right now, not just the wedding. Sometimes I feel like I can’t let it all out here and I don’t want to burden my few freinds. But I bet I could speak freely to the Dog. It says ‘any topic you choose”. I’d choose to tell him about the things I’m worried about.

Also, this could make a hell of a birthday present for just the right person.


3 thoughts on “The Big Bad Dog

  1. I’d pay that much for a call from some people, but definitely not Dog the Bounty Hunter. I don’t think I have $99.95 worth of things to say to anyone, bur I’d like to listen to a few people live,for a couple of minutes anyway.

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