How You Lke Your “Grooming” Now?

Today’s blog post is submitted by Guest Blogger Stedman. Follow Stedman on twitter @Sted_Man.

Last week, they trotted me off to the groomer for a bath, a butt trimming and some nail clipping. Ever since I got back, the people been very nervous whenever I go outside and head for my dirt nest behind the row of sedum. I like the grass and all but I LOVE the dirt. The weekend has been very hard on me.

Then they got busy. First, he took the lattice skirts off of the deck and she started painting them. While they were both looking elsewhere, I made my move.

where in the world is Stedman the corgi?

It’s virgin dirt under here, people. Mine are not the first footprints – in fact, there are several different kinds of footprints here but they each come with their own delightful smell so that only makes it better. I’m plumb in the middle of the space here and I’m not coming out until I’m good and ready.

What is that in her hand? A Scooby Treat? Wait – I can smell it but I can’t see it. Wait. Wait! Let me get a look at that – stop backing up.


Well, whatever. As long as I’m back inside the house, I might as well take a nap. At least I don’t smell like that damn shampoo anymore and my coat is once again working its way towards a solid brown color. Plus,  I can go back under there the next time we go outside.


6 thoughts on “How You Lke Your “Grooming” Now?

  1. Well, Stedman, you could have tried a little harder to find something that smelled even better, such as cat puke or road kill. You’re falling down on the job.

  2. Naughty, naughty Stedman! But, who wants to behave? That’s no fun. The “them” to quit with the baths already and let you be your happy, dirty self. 🙂

  3. Stedman doesn’t want you to get too distracted with wedding prep and forget that he’s your favorite.

  4. Stedman You’re such a naughty boy.
    Word to the wise, the lattice will go back up. Get out before that happens.

  5. Steadman, if you need to contract the earthworks out after the lattice goes back up, Dammit’s fee is very reasonable – a few pig ears and all the chewable roots. It’ll be a deluxe tunnel.

    But his travel expenses might break the deal.

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