How is it that I’ve been looking at David Axelrod’s mug for several years and I never noticed that he has multiple eyebrows?

Not only have I never noticed multiple eyebrows on him, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen these on anyone else either. What could be the explanation for this?


10 thoughts on “Wut?

  1. I can’t stand to look at him because he reminds me of my creepy UncleFred. ewwww.
    If you say he has multiple eyebrows, I’m OK with that.

  2. He drew them in to distract you from seeing that he accidentally lopped off the left outer corner of his moustache.

  3. Wow – I was grossed out by the eyebrows and then read EZibbets’ comment about his stach. YUCK. I need some eye bleach now.

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