From Our Annals of Decades-Long Fascination

The FDIL has graciously exempted me from her wedding’s floral vision  and freed me to get the corsage of my dreams. So off I went to the local florist carrying a plate from my collection of 1950’s movie theater giveaways.

Paden City Pottery Modern Orchid

I told them that I wanted a double orchid corsage and when they asked me what kind of orchid, I started to pull the plate from the bag. That’s when it occurred to me for the first time in my life that this might not even be a real type of orchid.

But all is well and boy orchids are expensive! Sami tried to pretend that he didn’t know what an orchid was because of a language barrier . Too late Sami – I already paid for it. I asked them to use two orchids and to arrange them so each was a mirror of the other so that there was neither top nor bottom to the design, just in case there’s something I don’t know about wearing a corsage. Not that I’m unwilling – I’m very willing but we live in a society that does not value the corsage like it used to.

Weddings and where else do you see corsages nowadays? Presentation of a scholarly abstract about vaccinations at an international physicians meeting? ONE WOULD THINK SO but nobody got me one. I should have gotten my own. Award ceremony in front of the whole company at the national meeting? Again, no corsage. Birthdays? Because my birthday is coming up and I will gladly pin on a camellia and sit in Houlihan’s behind a platter of Thai Chili Chicken Wings. The world needs more corsages.

Anyway, it did cost a wee tad more than I was expecting so I had to counter balance that expenditure with a  dollar store purchase. Meet my new faux-effervescence plastic tumbler.


It was a busy day.

10 thoughts on “From Our Annals of Decades-Long Fascination”

  1. Great corsage moment – Jackie Gleason (as Minnesota Fats) has a carnation pinned to his overcoat at the beginning of The Hustler. When he takes off the overcoat he has an identitcal carnation pinned to his suit jacket! It’s so quick you might miss it, as I did the first time, but the effect is that the corsage has simply stayed in place the whole time. It is as elegant a trick shot as any done on the felt in the movie.

  2. Perfect rationalization. Spend too much on item A. Spend more, but at a bargain on unneeded item B. What a deal.

  3. Tonight is the local junior prom. I expect to a bunch of photos posted on FB tomorrow and we’ll see if corsages are still in fashion. On the male side of the coin, the vest has now pretty much taken over from the cummerbund as the middle layer of the tuxedo effect. Not sure if that will hold true at Ted’s wedding but it does out this way.

    1. I was wondering about the vest replacing the cummerbund, as my grandson wore one a couple of weeks ago. It just didn’t seem as dressy to me as the cummerbund.

      Suzette, you are a shopper par excellence.

  4. What’s in the tumbler? It’s 8:37am and I might need some…. boys are not off to school yet! 😐

  5. […] Orchid dinnerware that my mother collected at the movie matinees while she was pregnant with me? Did I or did I not take the platter from that set to the florist to recreate as a Mother of the Gro… Do I or do I not have a latex orchid on the nightstand next to my bed? Did I or did I not already […]

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