March Of The Lobsters

Those who still follow CripesSuzette on twitter already know that I made killing, valance-wise, at Christmas Tree Shops yesterday. Lobsters!  2 for $5.00! Can’t beat that with a stick.

come on shake your body baby do the conga

Turns out they’re more Big Top Circus than Lobster Parade but I am digging them anyway. Sami does not like. Act surprised.

First of all, you can’t just spring anything on him – he needs time to adjust to changes. Secondly, he has no color boldness about him so this is a very extreme choice. Although he really didn’t squawk about the center-stripe yellow walls, so maybe I’m wrong. Maybe “color confidence” is a better term.

He has no color confidence. Case in point: his car was on life support for at least 3 years and he finally gave in an treated himself to a new used car. He told me it was blue but our son told me it was lavender. For the few days between purchase and pick up, he was considering cancelling the deal and getting a white one. This is what he brought home:

The Twitter poll verdict says blue and it’s actually quite pleasant to look at, but he’s still asking me if this this is a girly color. So OF COURSE he can’t process Lobster Circus curtains in bold colors.

But the 10 bucks worth of curtains that I just hung up are just right for the summer. They’d never survive a washing to stay up longer anyway. Maybe I’ll get one of those big red claw pot holders to liven things up around here even further.

Kitchen lobsters are the new kitchen roosters.


7 thoughts on “March Of The Lobsters

  1. #1 The curtains and da bomb! Totally cool!

    #2 The truck is NOT girly (it’s blue which is traditionaly a “boy” color). Sami needs more color confidence for sure. Keep working on him.

  2. Curtains are very cute. Car is blue. My boss got a truck a few years ago that he called beige and we all called french pink. It only lasted about 2 months. Be very careful what you say about color to a man.

  3. Oh and the car is definitely blue; not royal navy blue obviously but certainly way more manly and classy than powder blue. Lavender doesn’t even enter in to the conversation.

  4. Until last week I had the rooster curtains. Then I jettisoned them in favor of similarly-colored plaid. Kept the rooster valance though, so I can justify keeping the big statue of a rooster I have on the counter…. green. I tell everyone to come see my big green cock.
    I like the lobsters, though.

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