Here’s A Good Excuse To Showcase Some China

Luci Baines Johnson donating $1 million toward new Wildflower Center project

Today, Luci Baines Johnson is making good on her mother’s love of nature and Texas. Johnson and her husband, Ian Turpin, are donating $1 million toward the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center’s next big project: a family and children’s garden. “Mother’s dream was that the Wildflower Center would inspire future generations to care for and take care of the environment,” Johnson said.

And did you know that the Johnson While House china was decorated with America’s wildflowers? And that Lady Bird cared about it so much that she

Lady Bird Johnson and her staff worked very closely with Tiffany and Company of New York City on the design and the china was manufactured by Castleton China, Inc. Mrs. Johnson combined her main cause, beautification and conservation of the country’s landscape with the history of White House china. The pieces feature the eagle motif first designed for the Monroe china, and the porcelain was decorated with wildflowers found throughout the United States. There were over forty different wildflowers represented on different pieces of china. Again with a tribute to nineteenth century history, she had dessert plates made featuring the state flower of each fifty states. The floral decals on original dessert plates did not meet Mrs. Johnson’s final approval, so the flower designs were hand painted on each plate, delaying the completion of the china until the summer of 1972.” Party Politics,

le sigh

Yes, I’ve written about this before but it is most definitely most repeat-worthy. I quote myself:

“Anyway, Lady Bird Johnson. She gave the impression of being a total cream puff, but was able to impose floral patterned china with a girly yellow background on old Lyndon. Even Nancy Reagan couldn’t do that and Ronnie was totally whipped.”

6 thoughts on “Here’s A Good Excuse To Showcase Some China”

  1. My sisters and mother made each of us an embroidered state flower/bird/tree quilt when we were growing up. Mine was done on cream with royal blue. I really got tired of roses and pine trees, but I loved that Maine’s “flower” was a pine cone.

  2. Wait. LBJ (femme) ordered dinnerwear that wasn’t delivered until a full four years after she relinquished the title of FLOTUS. At lord-only-knows what cost.

    Act like royalty. I’d say “you’re welcome”, but I don’t think that’s the correct response to “F— You Very Much, taxpaying peons.”

    1. At least it’s still around gracing whatever room it’s in. That’s more than you can say for most of the things the white house residents purchase.

    2. Exactly, in that it becomes part of the nation’s heritage. You know, like the Resolute Desk that the current occupant likes to put his feet up on. Or the Lincoln Bedroom where the lobbyists get to stay.

  3. I lived in Texas from 68-70 and got to see all the wildflowers Lady Bird was responsible for along the roadways of Texas. Quite impressive.

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