The Claw Has Had A Sleepover Party With A DumpTruck Full Of Rocks

Good morning, big claw bull dozer machine.  I see we’re going to become well acquainted. Thanks for adding a special something to the neighborhood. I wasn’t enough that the creek now has easy access since the fencing was torn away but now all the 10 year old boys are really going to appreciate having an unlocked, unattended piece of heavy equipment to climb into every evening once the workers go home at 5pm on the dot. The LookyLoos will be quite entertained as well. In fact, they’ll probably linger. And those nice big rocks! I wonder which direction they’ll be thrown when the boys get tired of trying to turn the claw machine on?

7 thoughts on “The Claw Has Had A Sleepover Party With A DumpTruck Full Of Rocks”

  1. That’s a specialty excavator, which has a small dozer blade for pushing small amounts of dirt and to help in picking up the rock. It’s a handy machine and I’ve spent few days running one.

    More than likely, the door will be locked, so the neighborhood kids will get their jollies throwing the rocks through the glass on the machine. After that, the increased insurance, and construction costs in your area, will be passed on to you, the homeowner and taxpayer. Once an area is tagged as a high vandalism area, the stigma lasts forever.

  2. And I didn’t mean to sound harsh, or anything that resembles the grouchy old folks that used to tell us to stay off their lawn…..we even had an old woman that would shoot us with a BB gun.

    As kids, we’d climb all over any machine left within bicycle distance. Everything was good, since we only looked and didn’t destroy…until a neighbor kid broke all the gauges, stuck mud in any opening he could find and filled the fuel tank with dirt. He was caught, but the local police were on us like white on rice. No climbing and no site visits. Our leash was short and they pulled hard when we reached the end.

    I don’t remember the final cost of repairs, but the mayor ended up paying a pretty penny for his son’s vandalism.

    1. My husband agrees with you. He aid its common practice to leave the machinery on site and t expect hooligan’s to do damage by throwing rocks and breaking windows. The one area he slightly disagrees is that most damage is done in affluent neighborhoods by brat kids whose parents remove any consequence from thier actions.

      1. We weren’t an affluent neighborhood, and the kids weren’t brats, so that’s probably a good opinion.

        Worst place we were ever vandalized was a section of a local community that couldn’t really be described as affluent, or not, due to the fact it was self supporting community before it was annexed by a city selling the water and sewer. The people were just mean, and out of hand. What instilled this attitude was beyond my comprehension.

        I arrived to work one Monday to find over thirty flashing beacons on signs destroyed by shotgun blasts. It took all day and half the night to replace the lights and battery packs. Between that, vandalized machinery and break-ins of the tool house, I still have a low opinion of the people in that commmunity.

      1. Another bright side: you don’t live on that cul de sac and have the equipment parked in front of your house. I’m sure those folks would trade places with you in a heartbeat.

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