Showers Of Emergency Vehicles

The bridal shower was on Saturday and good luck was on our side. It was sunny and beautiful and the restaurant set us up in this charming private booth at the White Dog Cafe that was just the right size. The restaurant site photo doesn’t convey how dark it was or reveal the fact that the floor was glass block.

The booth was really dark and a mellow light from a dungeon or possibly the kitchen in the basement was shining up through the blocks. that velvet fabric swagged from the ceiling was very lush and looked like it was completely stuffed. The Crystal drop chandelier had a pair of glass cherries on a joined stem at each corner.

The street was narrow and very congested with Sunday traffic and we thought we’d have a problem parking, but when we finally got ourselves pointed in the correct one-way oreintation, this is what we saw:

None of the other restaurants on this charming street needed emergency services so I can only conclude that Irish cooking is the most dangerous cooking there is.

We slowly rolled up the street until we got boxed in by a police car on the side and a full-sized fire engine from behind. Someone must have determined that the fire engine wasn’t needed so it backed down the street past us again. That gave us plenty of time to determine that we were actaully in a legit parking space. You don’t want to mess around with parking in Philly, home of Parking Wars and the boot. That was the end of the excitement for the day – everything else went smoothly.

The food, by the way, was amazing. I apologize for making fun of the local farm thing – this place was one of the originators of that concept. The wait staff let us sit there for 4 hours without making us feel rushed at all and the bill was very reasonable. I had the Crab & Spinach Benedict and them some Rhubarb Crisp for dessert and  it was all perfect. It wasn’t on the menu but they also gave me a delicately dressed side salad of watercress and roasted grape tomatoes.

There were a lot of dog-themed things around the restaurant – statues, vases, paintings. The restrooms were those quirky Philly-style single unisex rooms. I was already ensconced in the POINTERS before  realized that I was a SETTER. There were also rooms marked REPUBLICANS and DEMOCRATS but I was  afraid to even open those doors. Who knows what goes on there? It was, after all, Philadelphia. I might have ended up stuffed in a ballot box.

1 thought on “Showers Of Emergency Vehicles”

  1. I love the light coming up from the floor. How charming. Somewhat spoiled by the pointers and setters kitsch but still nice.

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