Creek Update: The Claw

OK, now we’re getting serious. The sloppy tree cutting company seems to be gone for good, leaving behind a trail of enormous stumps and fallen trunks. Today the main contractor showed up and drove a flatbed carrying big yellow machinery around the cul de sac a few times before he realized he couldn’t get that stuff through to the creek that way. So he drove to the next street – the street behind me. To the place I like to call LookyLoo Lane.

It begins.

I can see now that this thing is a combination claw and bulldozer. He was trying to make a ramp down into the creek but when he hit the angle of repose, he wisely backed up and shut the thing off. Now men are milling around, waving their hands and planning out loud. I swear I just heard one say “muh muh muh to the badda bee and the badda bah.” I think he had a Scottish accent.

And the lookyloos are already here. A guy with a German Shepherd puppy just moved out of camera range  I guess so he could get closer to the Scottish explanations. I hate the LookyLoos. They’re going to be parading around all evening long checking out the ramp. I hope it rains another 2″ on their nosy asses.

Do you think I would get in any kind of trouble if I got myself a something like a small BB gun? I would only use it to sting the shins and calves of the lookyloos while they stand over there gawking.


5 thoughts on “Creek Update: The Claw

  1. A BB guy would work quite nicely. Perhaps even a pellet gun. If they are in your yard, you could also turn a sprinkler on. What’s happening in the creek? Did I miss something?

  2. I’d love to see and hear what would happen if you got a bb gun, but I suppose in the interest of staying out of jail, it’s best to only think about it. I’ve often wished I had a mental cattle prod.

  3. They are out of range of both pellets and BBs. I suggest Sami construct a large slingshot/catapult (could be mounted to the railing of the deck) and Stedman provide ammunition.

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