Within a season, Sami is planning on purcahsing a light blue car for himself. It’s really almost turquoise.

Within a year, I am planning on purchasing an orange care for myself. It’s really definitely orange. I don’t think orange does any degree of subtle.

If both of those things happen, we’ll be like the color scheme of the 1964 NY World’s Fair. I’m telling you now so that you can gird yourselves for multiple references.


5 thoughts on “If

  1. Or Howard Johnson’s. I once had a turquoise(ish) van and orange is my favorite color. Happy driving.

  2. Orange is my favorite color as long as it doesn’t get too far into the yellow tones. We had an orange Ford Fiesta in our children’s youth. It was a goer but finally came to rest in a a neighbor’s field. His son bought it for $50.00 and ran it until it wouldn’t go any further.

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