8 thoughts on “Die Already, You Son Of A Bitch”

  1. Isn’t it time for the newest Stephanie Plum novel yet? Let’s get going Janet, time’s awastin’.

  2. Thanks again for your thoughtful offer. I have two purposes here. I’m trying this to get my avatar fixed, but I do want to thank you as well.
    srdem65 I love Stephanie Plum. Haven’t seen the movie though. Has it even been released?
    15 minutes later:
    No,luck on the avatar fix. I guess I’m wyogranny now. That has previously been only for my family.

    1. The movie is out, is now probably on sale at Walmart’s discount CD bin. It missed all of the charm and whimsy of the novels and Steph’s mishaps, plus the casting was wrong.

      Debbie Reynolds as Granny? no way.

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