Fitzwell Burrito

I’m looking online for a pair of comfortable low-heeled pumps and I came across the Fitzwell Burrito. Doesn’t it sound like they are being sold by Mr. Haney?

(I guess you have to be a fan of the Hoyt-Clagwell to appreciate that.)


post script: How amusing! You know how you are on a particular website and suddenly realize that all the ads are targeting you based on recent searches or keywords? I just became aware that the ads selected for me are John Deere tractors, and Big Girl Bras. The last of which I resent and appreciate at the same time.


12 thoughts on “Fitzwell Burrito

  1. I once searched for scuba gear just to see if it would show up in my targeted ads. It didn’t! I’m amazed at how well the internet knows me. Of course, in the coming round-up of enemies of the liberal state I’m doomed.

  2. I have the world’s sneakiest f\eet. For years they behaved nicely in the shoe store, only to turn into absolute terrors on the sidewalk. Yet my jobs required a professional appearance at all times.
    One day we visited my m.i.l. and went to the beach. She looked at my feet and said in her best Auntie Mame fashion, ‘Darling you have feet just like mine’.. She gave me two words by which I live, as they have saved me from a life of pain. “Salvatore Ferragamo’.. The ‘pain’ of the price is offset by years, yes years of looking and feeling, well, not murderous, at the end of the day. They can be resoled and re-heeled, and at their price, they should be..Salvatore also makes great sandals and boots to die for.. They go on sale from time to time at Bloomies.. I was able to get by with just a few pairs of shoes, rather than a closet full of broken promises, for about the same annual cost.
    can you tell I have a ‘thing’ for shoes?

    • I understand that the almost-flats Ferragamos with the tailored flat bow across the toe go on forever. It was not always so. My vintage Ferragamo pumps once needed resoling. A fine European shoemaker looked at them, said he could do the job, but he might not be able to replicate the very thin, very elegant sole. “My dear lady, these shoes are for ladies who sit…..”

  3. Oh, Suzette!!!! After clicking on your link yesterday, all the side ads for me now go to your “comfortable low-heeled pumps’!!!!!

      • I gave you a shout-out on MOTUS today!!! She is trying to get more hits and I told her you were the reason I found her!!!!!

        • Thank you. MOTUS and I are old friends. She has more stamina than I do, though. I can no longer spend every morning looking at pictures of MOO to mock. It makes me sick. Glad MOTUS is there to carry on.

          • Me too. I started reading you when you were writing about the Fashion Icon MOoooo and I thought you were absolutely hysterical. I had starting searching around to see if I was the only one who did not feel that warm, fuzzy feeling toward our FLOTUS. I could not believe the things that were being written about how wonderful she was and, low and behold, I stumbled upon you. You saved my sanity at a time when I was wondering what in the world had happened to my country. I quickly found out that I was not alone in my supreme disrespect and embarrassment for the current occupants of the White House. You get a big thank you for all that you do to keep us laughing. Still love to see your posts on little Stedman. Cutest little “douge” going!!!!!

  4. When I saw “Fitzwell Burritto” I thought 1) food, 2) sex position, 3) shoe. I guess that’s why men get by with just loafers and work boots.

  5. I want someone to search for, er, “adult” toys and let me know if they pop up on google ads. I just want to know what happens and don’t want to infect my computer.

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