The Law of Diminishing Kennedys

Ethel Kennedy never worked a day in her life.

Remember when the illustrious Douglas Harriman Kennedy kicked a nurse to the floor because she tried to stop him from taking his newborn son outside of the hospital “for fresh air”?  It turns out that there was a very good explanation for that.

“The son of slain Sen. Robert Kennedy invoked his dad’s 1968 assassination yesterday as he explained why he tried to snatch his newborn son from a Westchester County hospital … my father was taken away from me when I was a baby,” Kennedy said after an appearance in Mount Kisco Town Court. “The only thing I wanted to do that night was to be with my son and hold him in my arms.”

Because he’s a victim, you see.

Is he saying he’s a victim of post-traumatic stress disorder? Because you know who else is a victim of PTSD? Florence Nightingale! And she was a nurse. And DHK kicked a nurse! And who knows if Florence’s mother ever compressed her carotid arteries to keep her upright while she was feeding little Flo?

Irony abounds.


8 thoughts on “The Law of Diminishing Kennedys

  1. Hmmm. Maybe that’s the truth, although I think a single malt scotch is probably the real reason. It’s that, or the Kennedy arrogance.

  2. My faith in the balanced order of things was established early when I realized that the preternatural fecundity of the Kennedy tribe was being neutralized by their inherent lack of good sense and perception of reality. We can always hope that eventually Darwin will get the upper hand: if not in my lifetime, then in my daughter’s, the last Kennedy scion will be found at the bottom of a cliff in a wrecked high-powered sports car, complete with an empty bottle of Chivas, an empty medicine bottle and one final collateral bimbo.

    • I can only hope I’ve either moved on, or lost the ability to comprehend anything at that time. The media praise, including long segments about Camelot and other mythical media kingdoms of pure condensed crap, will be agonizing to endure.

  3. I just constantly feel so sorry for the poor Kennedy’s. They’ve had such a miserable time being America’s royal family. It’s the fault of the useless little people that keep getting in their way and causing them to reveal their character. Dang proles.

  4. Another Kennedy with another excuse for bad behavior. It’s too bad we have to even deal with them and their low brow lives.

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