It’s All Too Depressing

So much to be disheartened about these days. On top of everything else, I ordered two sets of sheets online last week. They got here yesterday and when I opened the boxes, I see they are almost the same thing in color and design type.

one is Scroll in 'butter yellow' and the other is Damask in 'taupe tones'

And yet, I do not criticize myself. I’m keeping them both. I have to.

Add “bed sheets” to the things that disappear around here. It’s not that complete sets have disappeared, but I can’t assemble one matching set to save my life. I find it intolerable to have mismatched sheets and pillowcases on  my bed. I can’t help it. It’s just the way I am.  First it was the odd pillow case here and there gone missing. A fitted sheet worn through in one place or another thrown away – that was my fault for not immediately sending the flat sheet to the garage to be used as a painting tarp. Now they rotate forever through the laundry bag and linen closet, hoping to someday meet up with their mate.

Sometimes I’d find just pillow cases and couldn’t locate the sheets that went with it. And this one is the worst – I’ll be just going about my business and then i’ll suddenly find myself wondering whatever happened to a complete set of sheets that I used to have and I can’t even remember when I even saw them last. It’s exhausting.

That’s why I have to keep both of these sets even though they are basically the same.

side note: I also can’t stand random forks and spoons thrown in with a matched set of flatware.


15 thoughts on “It’s All Too Depressing

    • I love white sheets. I was raised with white sheets but those sheets hung outside in the sun to dry. I would not be able to tolerate the disconnect of laying on white sheets that smelled like Downy.

      Plus, I’m a Gemini. Must I explain further? It wouldn’t take long until I needed a change.

  1. Ooooh….where did you get those? I have a damask flat sheet that looks like those, and it’s one of the best sheets I’ve ever had. Sadly, at the time I bought it (20 years ago or so), I couldn’t afford the cooridinates. By the time I could afford them, they were out of stock, never to be seen again.

    So, if you don’t mind sharing, where oh where did you find these?

    • I know what you want and I can’t give it to you. These sheets have a printed design, not a woven one.

      The sheets came from QVC. They have a big selection of all-cotton, high thread count sheets in all styles. I’ve never been disappointed. My other move is buying new-with-tags Ralph Lauren sheets on eBay.

  2. I used to buy interesting pillowcases on sale and coordinate them with white or plain colored sheets. Then I found that sometimes a patterned pillowcase went quite nicely with an entirely different-patterned (always floral) top sheet and maybe a plain white bottom sheet. Matched sets were a nightmare (and more expensive) as the bottom sheets would wear out before anything else.

    My last sheet set buy was three packaged set of lovely aqua Portuguese flannel in California King size – $35 per set at Costco. Liberating!!!!! (And we now use flannel year ’round.)

  3. I used to blame the kids stealing the sheets and pillowcases between their intermittent comings and goings and then realized, it’s me. I just lose them.Or something. I, too, in my true heart love matching sheets and pillowcases and I WILL get them and KEEP them before I die. I will. Maybe if I hide them in my underwear drawer.

  4. I used to be able to control the random forks and knives. I had a set of matching flatware in the kitchen, and a set of matching silver in the china cabinet. Then, a random fork showed up. Next, a new housemate moved in with a set of flatware that went into the drawer with my beautiful matched set. Then she moved out, but left the flatware. Now I don’t even know what day it is. There’s stuff in there that isn’t my flatware *or* hers. How does that happen?!

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