How To Save $13.95

Wow. For a big organization, Sonoma Williams is sure late out of the gate with the April Fool’s day stunt. Check out this hot mess Williams-Sonoma Agrarian. $200 copper shovels, popsicle stick plant markers for $1 each, and my personal favorite, the $14.95 string can:

I have one just like this only the twine came from the dollar store and I got the can free with the coffee.

Can’t decide which I like more: the personalized copper hand tools or the chicken coop on wheels. 

post script 1 As usual with things I start out making make fun of, I think I really need this After The Garden soap made from cherry pits and goat’s milk. My hands could definitely benefit from being exfoliated and moisturized to the tune of $10.95 a bar. Why am I so easily influenced?


post script 2 CALLING MR. BINGLEY! please take note:

I TOLD you you're missing out on a fabulous second income source.


7 thoughts on “How To Save $13.95

  1. Back in the day, when Smith & Hawken was actually owned by Paul Hawken, they imported British gardening tools, marked them up 500% and sold them to people who thought that made them better and more durable. (Because, when you think of Brits, you think of gardening.)

    Now that S&H is just a brand name attached to Chinese-made crep sold at Target, it may actually represent a better value for the money.

    Bigger question: are we the last generation that will re-purpose stuff to do other stuff? My daughter laughs when I use food jars to store nails, or take a portion of the old kitchen counter top and use it to hold tools in the garage.

  2. Suzette… I’ve been making soap for 12 years. I would be happy to make you some. I make a mechanic soap that is lime essential oil and something scrubby (pumice, ground apricot pit, etc.) It can also be used for after gardening or chopping onions/garlic.

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