Cheese Drawer

This is a picture of our cheese drawer in our refrigerator. Maybe in your house, you call it the lunch meat drawer or the crisper. We rarely have lunch meat around so that wouldn’t make sense for us. Ours is full of cheese and butter.

Cheese, please.

I’m showing you this because I opened it this morning to see that Sami has brought home one of my favorite things to eat – a twisted knot of genuine Armenian string cheese. It’s a far cry from those individually packaged sticks and if you’ve never had it, I strongly recommend it. [Pro tip: the finer you shred it, the better it tastes.] Isn’t he sweet?


This is the decoy cheese. Whenever I see this appear, I know that he has something better hidden someplace that he is saving for someone else and he puts this in an obvious place to occupy me and keep me from eating whatever the good thing is. I find it quite insulting and also very ineffective. It’s like a big flashing sign that tells me “start looking – there’s something better around”. I suspect that today the “something better” is the giant soup pot full of stuffed grape leaves that we rolled up yesterday to serve on Easter Sunday. Because the pot is so big and there’s more food than usual in the refrigerator right now, we put the giant pot out on the deck overnight to keep cool. I suppose he is depending on the out of sight; out of mind strategy and then threw in the string cheese for insurance.

Sucka. I’ve already been out to the deck twice this morning and it’s only 8:30.

I doubt that World Famous Fashion Icon and Busy Mom™ Michelle Obama would approve of our drawer full of cheese and butter. Speaking of which, you don’t hear much about her busy momming, do you? Maybe it all happens behind closed doors out of camera range. But seriously, she never even talks about them, does she? The old man is always blabbing about them when he’s behind the teleprompter – but not her. You would think once in a while when she’s publicly worrying about America’s children, she would throw in something like “I was helping Sausage pack for our Just Us Girls trip to Las Vegas and the converstation suddenly turned to ...” or  “Last night while I was helping Malaria wax her mustache she turned to me and said ...” but that never happens.

You would think that once in a while, there’s be some kind of real life reference to them. Every mother does that  as part of the fabric of daily conversation even if the kids are grown. And I don’t buy that maintaining their privacy thing, either. They get trotted out fast enough whenever it suits the parental agenda. You just get the feeling that this mom is too busy (with herself) to spend much time with them.


4 thoughts on “Cheese Drawer

  1. There seems to be a theory circulating out there that one of the reasons the Roman Empire succeeded was because they had cheese and cheese is a compact, easily transportable source of high protein. This is probably wrong, but as a cheese aficionado I prefer to think it is true.

    I thought Mrs. Robinson was in charge of treating the kids like actual people?

  2. My husband has started this little thing of hiding alcohol around the house. Not because he’s hiding his drinking from me, but because I tend to drink all the good stuff before he does. (Yes, I’ll admit this is true. *guilty*)
    But he also does a super cute thing when he goes out of town: he’ll hide little mini airline size bottles of liquor in silly places…like little random love notes (or hunting for Easter eggs). I still don’t have any idea of how many he hid, or where they all are. They turn up in the strangest places. The other day, i was searching for a lid for a pan, and wayyyy back in the back of the cupboard was a little mini. And he knows that I rarely cook, so the chances of me ever finding that were close to nothing. Similarly, I found one mingled in with all the cleaning products in another cabinet. (Hmmm…I’m beginning to see a pattern here!)

    Can I get a collective “Awwww”?!

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