Pictures On My Other TV

They Came From Beyond Space - caped spacemen need slaves on the moon.


Near as I can tell, this film is about a British man driving around in a little green Triumph in 1960’s UK. Prominently features lurking in greenery and quietly pushing branches aside. Also, some people have died from “The Crimson Plague”. Here’s the best summary of the storyline:

Several meteors fall in a field in England. Those who approach them are seemingly taken over, and barricade the area from intruders. A scientist is immune to the takeover due to a metal plate in his head. He enlists the assistance of a friend, who must melt down his silver cricket trophies to make a helmet to protect him. They discover that the takeover is benign, as the aliens just want to repair their rocket and return home.



4 thoughts on “Pictures On My Other TV

  1. Would that be the same physicist and girlfriend who went on to be stranded on a desert island with a millionaire and his wife?

  2. Saved by the metal plate in his skull…
    Helps his friend melt trophies to make his own radio-wave deflecting helmet…

    Are we really sure aluminum foil is strong enough?

  3. I find that aluminum foil (or, as Brit physicists call it, “al-yu-minium foyal”) by itself is not enough unless there is also a thin protective film of mayonnaise.

    And I thought all 60s Brit SF was done with marionettes?

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