Oh. My. Gawd.

Gaze upon it:

VINTAGE BEN CASEY TV SILVER-TONE CHARM BRACELET 1962 Vintage original Ben Casey silver-tone charm bracelet on its original blue display card made for Gerald Sears Co, Inc. Bracelet and card are in like new condition and bare the phrase “©1962 Bing Crosby Productions.” Charms include: male, female, life, faith and infinity symbol.

Male? Female? Seriously? Obviously, this seller has never seen this:

Although who am I to criticize – the guy has 10 of them! I should put this up on Pinterest under the heading HEART THROB. And just in case you forgot, Everyone Stop What You’re Doing Right Now and Look At This


5 thoughts on “Oh. My. Gawd.

  1. Wow. I knew there was a reason I liked you, Suzette! I just followed some of the links to your previous posts.

    I, too, was madly in love with Ben Casey (as you say, not Vince Edwards). “Man, woman, birth, death, infinity” always pops into my head when I see any of the symbols from the show opening. I, too, come from a Slavic background (Pennsylvania style) and was unaccustomed to all that hairiness. And I, too, have pictures of myself with lopsided, puffy, 60s hair. Very lopsided… Very puffy… Not to mention very thin and very fine.

    So, are you forking over the $35 for the Ben Casey sweater guard?

  2. Heck, I remember that opening, having seen it a thousand times when Grandma watched Ben Casey reruns on UHF during my boyhood summers. It was kind of a deal we had, without ever having a discussion: I didn’t bother her during Ben Casey and she let me watch “Top Cat” instead of one of her other shows.

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