Pinned. Soon To Be Powned.


5:25 pm ET – Someone posts an article on Lucianne titled President Obama joins Pinterest.

5:30 pm ET – Suzette reads the headlines and brief article.

5:33 pm ET – Suzette visits Pinterest and finds that the nature of the pinnings already seems to be taking something of a turn away from the original intent.

5:40 pm ET – Suzette shares with blog world.

I’m guessing that the supergeniuses behind this didn’t quite get that this is shared forum where other people can contribute to your board and the message can’t be controlled – unless by censorship.

UPDATE: 6:00pm ET – After a few good laughs and some breathless DMs on Twitter, Suzette returns to find the circled items already scrubbed from the BO board. Censorship. It’s what’s for dinner.


3 thoughts on “Pinned. Soon To Be Powned.

  1. Maybe it is a good thing that Pinterest refused to send me an invite. I’d be in a Secret Service data base by now.

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