Island Nurses For Obama

Uh-oh-oh. World Famous Fashion Icon and Busy Mom™ Michelle Obama is supposed to be resting up between her NURSES FOR OBAMA gigs but she doesn’t seem to be too relaxed here as she mimics Cherry Ames Island Nurse.  Or Godzilla, if Godzilla was a mother overwrought about her daughter’s privacy.

Michelle Obama Island Nurse

Here she is seen stomping around the island of Hawaii while fuming at the idea – the very idea! – that some unauthorized photojournalist from the independent press corpse had the nerve to report that daughter Malaria took a dozen of her BFFs to Mexico to entertain and amuse 25 Secret Service agents. Things went terribly wrong, though.  A few news sites picked up the story and photos and the public grumbling started.

At first it seemed as though the whole focus was going to be 25 Secret Service agents practicing French braids and testing out nail polish with a bunch of 7th graders for spring break, and then some citizen journalist discovered that the school Malaria goes to has a spring break that beings a full week after the kids were already cavorting south of the border. Well, all one could do at that point is to remount the high horse and issue a press release claiming privacy concerns for presidential offspring and calling it community service. Because the luxurious beach communities of sub-tropical Oaxaca require a lot of service during peak tourist periods. Do you think those virgin margaritias just pour themselves?

AND THEN! a %@#$ing earthquake has to happen. I tell you – how many press releases must one be forced to make in a two day period over what amounts to nothing more than a simple case of do as I say not as I do? And how dare the petite bourgeoisie question the parenting decisions of a Busy Mom™? First they complain about sending a child – six-foot tall though she may be, she’s still a child – to a country riddled with violent drug wars, and then they complain that this wasn’t a “spring break” after all. Haven’t they ever heard of a fact-finding tour? These kids are finding out if it is in fact warmer in Mexico than Washington DC in March. Must everything be spelled out? Ok, we’ll call it community service then and that should be enough to shut them up. But you know haterz gonna hate so why must one even be bothered with explanations?

And then that earthquake! This was supposed to  be a covert pleasure trip, not a major news story. Resentment abounded throughout the East Wing office of the first lady and once again, a press release assuring the public of Malaria’s safety had to be issued. No word on the other kids, though. Let their press offices handle that.

So now I ask you – how is an Island Nurse For Obama supposed to rest up for the grueling campaign work ahead with all this distraction going on? [Note to self: Get hold of Janet Nap Border Nurse and find out how the hell she let this slip through.]

Anyway, NURSES FOR OBAMA, bitches. And how is this little episode supposed to promote Obama’s healthcare agenda? Let’s just say it’s a good lesson for any too-big-for-their-britches “independent” photojournalists want to stay healthy.

graphic created by The Proprietor

3 thoughts on “Island Nurses For Obama”

  1. You should allow a “possible drink.-spewing alert” when you pen something this funny’ Thanks for the laugh.

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