I Was Totally Wrong About Pinterest Being Boring

It’s difficult for me to admit that I am ever wrong, but I have to do it for the sake of the internet.  I was wrong about Pinterest.

At first sight, it appears to be a messy bog full of people who cannot create anything on their own but rely instead on repeating the ideas of others. But I was wrong. After days of being reminded of Pinterst by commenters who come here  and who fill up my Inbox to teach me a lesson about proper expressions of hatred, suddenly the clouds parted and I see Pinterest for what it really is. Ready for it?

Pinterest is the new You Tube.

And I mean that int he best possible way. It’s the comments. The comments at Pinterest are giving a good run to the YouTube comments of insults, confrontation, popular whipping boys, redirection of the main point and viral advertising. Now I get why the dimwits from Pinterest think they can write to me out of the blue to tell me off – it’s how they do!

Check out this popular pinning,  for instance. It seems to be some kind of Girl Power thing. I can’t quite see how they could miss that you certainly can pay your bills by collecting and then selling off swag but maybe they meant to reference SWAGGER instead of SWAG?

stuff we all get

Oh that’s not the main point here, though. It’s the comments. Anyone who has enjoyed the comments at YouTube will recognize these, except these are done by bored middle-aged females instead of bored adolescents and contain fewer F bombs but far more exclamation points, unnecessarily quotation marks and passive aggression. The most devastating cut seems to be I feel sorry for you, or more commonly I feel “sorry” for you followed in popularity by accusations of being unmarried. They make the Facebook people seem as witty as Dorothy Parker in comparison. Here’s just one small sampling:

  • Its obvious [previous commenter]doesn’t have a man who loves her… Those women are always bitter, rude, and “try” to make everyone else feel bad for it… And yes, I know… You dont need a man…*blahblahblah*
  • I’m sorry, who are you?
  • Your ignorance of the American education system is astounding, but then again, what did I expect anyway from an unemployed housewife who lives off her husband.
  • OMG Pinterest Mommies!!! I’ve just received my Free Johnson’s Baby Kit. Get yours too, it is available right here free: ://bit.ly/link
  • I don’t think you ladies understand what swag is … You realize that Ryan Gosling is dripping with it!!! There are men who have swag and won’t treat you like a “hoe”.
  • “SWAG” actually means Someone Who Attracts God! I want a man with SWAG
  • I think you women should go clean the kitchen
  • [previous commenter] has given me quite a laugh today!! Think whatever you will, and save your pity for yourself… Actually, save it for your husband, because he’s getting all mine right now…
  •  I think being a “housewife” is one of the most noble jobs. Cheers to all the women and men who are taking care of their families from inside the home.
  • So sad for all of you that think being a full time mom and wife is “lazy”! My hubba is an amazing man, and who the crap are any of y’all to judge
  • Methinks you don’t have any children and probably lots of white furniture

I don’t know about you, but I am definitely going to start using You probably have lots of white furniture to insult people.


6 thoughts on “I Was Totally Wrong About Pinterest Being Boring

  1. Wow. I had no idea this was going on at pinterest. I usually just follow the link to make sure it’s legit then either pin or not. I had no idea this underworld existed. I think I might have to get out of crafts and cooking and into something sexier.

  2. Pinterest has comments?

    A wag on Twitter the other day said, “If the aliens land can we keep them away from YouTube comments?”

  3. There’s a large amount of 1950’s thinking pinned on Pinterest. It’s cringeworthy. “Swag doesn’t pay your bills”? Ugh. As for “I think being a “housewife” is one of the most noble jobs.” – I think most people who work also do their own cooking/cleaning etc. How noble.

    I like some of the ideas on Pinterest, but the quotes I could do without.

    • p.s. I think your insult is ‘better’ if you add ‘me thinks’: “me thinks you have a lot of white furniture”. Ups the pretentiousness.

  4. That last one made me think of Hills Like White Elephants – “no children and a lot of white furniture” – creepy

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