Border Nurses for Obama

After the shocking realization that it’s Mr. Obama who is the superhuman one, not Mrs., it was decided that World Famous Fashion Icon and Busy Mom Michelle Obama extend her Hilton-induced rest period. It seems that the official face of the NURSES FOR OBAMA initiative cracked under the constant public glare.

Since the success of the project has not been lost on the Obama administration, they’ve commissioned a B Team to carry on until Nurse Michelle is ready to stump again. Who was it that said “never let a good crisis go to waste”? Somebody short, I think it was – 9 fingers? Well, no matter the source it’s advice that the O people have taken to heart. Recognizing and opportunity to increase the likely voter roles for the Democrats, NURSES FOR OBAMA substitute representative Janet Nap heads for the border.

Janet Nap Border Nurse

Not to worry now that perky Janet Nap is on the job. The border is secure! In fact, it’s more secure than ever – for undocumented workers and the animals known as coyotes.

Hardly a delicate fashion plate, Nurse Janet is the kind of solid, get ‘er done kind of individual who’s not afraid of hard work. See sees a job to be done and then does jumps in to do it. Although she’s forced to emulate your first lady’s fashion forward chapeau, the nurses cap/ball cap, she does not let affect what she has to do. Here she single-handedly holds back the US Border Patrol, the National Guard, the Texas Rangers, the NY Islanders and the Harlem Globetrotters as new Democrat voters are safely ushered into their  forever homes.  Pack up the babies and grab the old ladies – everyone goes! Making sure to keep the central message of NURSES FOR OBAMA – support for Obamacare – Nurse Janet gleefully points the way towards the  free healthcare tents where America’s newest residents can help themselves to government provided Viagra, colonoscopies and hair plug transplants.  Don’t forget your food stamps on the way out!

It’s uplifting to see someone who enjoys what they do. We can all take a lesson from Nurse Janet. Be of good cheer, have plenty of ammunition and don’t sweat the small stuff (i.e., the law,  the Constitution, popular opinion. etc.) .

graphic created by The Proprietor

4 thoughts on “Border Nurses for Obama”

  1. I can only admire any woman that would would forego a salary for chickens and burritos….or is it cheap tequila and hush money from coyotes?

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