Hotel Nurses For Obama

Oh dear! World Famous Fashion Icon and Busy Mom™ Michelle Obama seems to be drifting away from her mission as the public face of the  NURSES FOR OBAMA movement. And only one day before the official project launch, too. Let’s analyze, in the best tradition of main stream media bias, the evidence and see if we can come up with a coherent defense for what appears to be at first glance a misstep.

Your first lady’s latest appearance is once again inspired by Cherry Ames, this time by the volume called At Hilton Hospital. Nurse Michelle must understandably  be getting tired from all this selfless public appearing because it seems that she has gotten the theme a bit muddled this time. She got as far as the word “Hilton” and was too exhausted to read further so NATURALLY one assumes the reference is to the Hilton hotels. And which is the most famous, the most luxurious, the most-suitable-for-your-first-lady Hilton hotel around?

Michelle Obama Hotel Nurse

That’s right. After mingling directly with the common folk in department stores and suffering a grueling day at sea, does she not deserve a little luxury? Has Nancy Reagan never been to the Waldorf-Astoria? ALL of the Republican First Ladies have checked in at one time or another, and they were’t even on the job! Even though this might be misconstrued as light duty by the vicious right-wing press since what exactly does a hotel nurse do? but have no doubt that Nurse Michelle is still on track delivering a message about proper nutrition and the importance of hydration by her example. Just look at that room service receipt! Her selections are both high protein and low carb. And what kind of champagne has a room service price of only $44.00? Obviously, we are not talking a full magnum here – it must be a single champagne cocktail. How very moderate! Studies have shown that moderate drinking is tied to better health for women so as anyone can plainly see, the support for Obamacare and its free women’s health provisions can not be made any more clear.

In fact, she’s a genius at messaging. The time stamp of the rooms service receipt shows that the order was placed shortly after 4pm. I’m sure the waitpersons appropriately double-hustled to deliver as soon as possible so we can assume that by 4:30, Nurse Michelle was sitting on brocaded upholstery, feet up taking it easy. She is firm believer in taking care of herself first, so no matter how she must rush hither and yon for the benefit of the American people, she understands the restorative  value of some alone time with her lobster and caviar high protein snack and her therapeutic cool gel eye mask.

Still, one does wonder if this is the best stewardship of the first lady’s staffing budget, ultimately your tax dollars. She cannot have been alone on this jaunt and yet no one felt qualified to tell her that she misread the”hospital” part of the inspiration book. Maybe she needs a day off of the stump while someone else carries the nursing water for Obama.


graphic created by The Proprietor


5 thoughts on “Hotel Nurses For Obama

  1. How in the world does she find time? “Busy Mom” aside. I just saw her on TV flying around the country showing people how to do stretching exercises and knee-bends. “We have to make the information available” — those were her exact words. Write that down, Suzette. Quiz later.

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