Department Store Nurses For Obama

Everybody is as excited about NURSES FOR OBAMA as we are!  Although the project doesn’t officially launch until Wednesday, there’s no harm in stirring up a little advance awareness. And who better to be the public face of this effort but the great one herself,  your first lady World Famous Fashion Icon and Busy Mom ™ Michelle Obama?

Although she is many things – Ivy League grad,  hospital executive, great beauty, master gardener – your first lady is not a nurse. Not to worry – lack of credentials doesn’t stop her from being the public face of healthy eating. No need to start from scratch, though – the nurse image path has already been paved one of America’s most beloved representatives of the nursing  profession, one Miss Cherry Ames.

Check this out: “The creator of the Cherry Ames series, Helen Wells, was a social worker turned full-time writer, and, like her most famous heroine, an Illinois native “ Hooboy. If Helen Wells was still alive, she’s be perfect for one of those Obama czar jobs. Mystery Solving czar, I guess. We could use one of those.

For those of you who might not know, Cherry Ames is the central character in a series of mystery novels for young adults set in various nursing settings. It’s almost a tailor-made fit for your first lady, what with her standard win the hearts and the minds of the young people approach to moving the public needle.. Plus,  Cherry has a talent for being in the right place at the right time and wherever she is, she manages to become embroiled in a big mystery. Sounds like someone we all know. And love! Someone we all know AND LOVE. (Welcome FBI and Secret Service readers and Valerie Jarrett! I meant to say know and love right from the start. Really.)

Well, you can’t expect your first lady to just jump in size 14s first. She’ll be taking one or two days to ease into the nurse representative role by trying it out some well-known Cherry Ames story lines  in locations where she is already comfortable. First up:

Michelle Obama Department Store Nurse

Here is your first lady humbly going about semi-incognito on an unannounced department store visit. Try as she might, she just doesn’t blend in with the gen pop – she just cannot keep her stylistic light under a bushel. You’ll note that she’s wearing her own fashion forward combination nurses cap/ball cap, pulled low to avoid identification. We are not fooled, first lady! No one else could carry off such a bold millinery move.

As Nurse Michelle lumbers through the department store, she’s promoting her support for Obamacare with symbolism both obvious and subtle. The very cart she’s pushing and the bags she so effortlessly carries are festooned with big Os on all sides. Message:  “Obama is everywhere”. That one was easy. Here’s one that you might not have picked up immediately: look at that well-developed right forearm. It’s a well known fact that nurses have very strong arms from all that pumping of the sphygmomanometer  bulb. Just look at the coiled power that radiates of of that forearm! And she is making carrying 2 possibly 3 bags look like no effort at all! Great cross-over visual between NURSES FOR OBAMA and Let’s Move11!1. Also, a nice little plug for government-provided post mastectomy care with the sternum paint there. Clever tie-back to women’s health issues. A Vote For Obama Is A Vote For Cleavage!

Nurse Michelle will be spending the rest of today on various unnannounced department store visits, if we can expand the definition of “department store” to include fashion designer showrooms, couturier fittings, The Gap and Shake Shack.

Look for more Nurse Michelle sightings as the NURSES FOR OBAMA project rolls out this week.

graphic created by The Proprietor


4 thoughts on “Department Store Nurses For Obama

  1. While I respect and admire all in the medical profession, I have never asked one for political advice.
    But, if nurses are going for the big “O” and are holding the hypodermic needle aimed for my tender skin or the enema bag, I, too will be for “O”. At least until I leave their presence.

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