Cruise Nurses For Obama

In her next public appearance promoting NURSES FOR OBAMA, your first lady takes to the seas to invoke the literary classic Cherry Ames Cruise Nurse.

Michelle Obama Cruise Nurse

Nurse Michelle takes to the seas in what starts out as an ordinary first family photo op but quickly becomes a matter of national urgency. Gas prices are spiraling out of control! How ever will we break free from independence on foreign oil?  There’s only one answer: algae.

Baring those famously toned arms, World Famous Fashion Icon and Busy Mom ™ Michelle Obama is all set for some down time.  The child seems to be caught by the gravitational pull of her father, at least temporarily. That gives one a break from busy momming. Haute couture is replaced by the relief of going braless under a casual  tank top. Not so casual as to lose the blingy bracelets, though. One is, after all, still your first lady, even at rest. Still, freedom away from prying eyes.

But down time never lasts long with Nurse Michelle. The country needs her and so she turns her attention to a solution to the energy mess. Ever vigilant, even during “family time”, even when unobserved, your first lady keeps a sharp eye on the horizon for signs of algae bloom. How beneficial it would be as a biofuel, to say nothing of it’s usefulness as a make-up additive. And if it’s one thing Nurse Michelle knows about, it’s the value of good makeup. If there’s any left over, we could use it as a bulking agent in the pink slime processed “meat” so favored by school cafeterias now that we’re all lined up behind the Obama food initiatives. Algae has many health benefits, you know, so it’s very much in keeping with the theme of this week – nurses’ support for Obamacare. You know what they say – a blue-green algae a day keeps the Obamacare away.

And so, hairknob neatly in place, nurses cap jauntily atilt, Nurse Michelle once again sacrifices her private life for public benefit. If there’s algae out there, it cannot escape her relentless gaze. Expert in nutrition, youngster whisperer, and now discoverer of algae beds – is there anything she can’t do?

graphic created by The Proprietor


One thought on “Cruise Nurses For Obama

  1. Nearly sacrilegious! Cherry was pure class. Michelle is more like the characters named Mavis or Sheila. They were always mean girls from the wrong side of the tracks.

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