This Week In Nashville Part 3

Nashville had magnolia in bloom and pear trees and daffodils. So, thanks a lot for the sign, Newark Liberty Airport. I almost forgot.


2 thoughts on “This Week In Nashville Part 3

  1. Now, THAT looks familiar. I’m suffering one of those cabin fever episodes where unkempt people reel against the walls of the log cabin drinking whiskey neat and uttering in despair “The snow, my God the snow.”

  2. Grannie, after a winter where we had non-stop snow we are having one with zero. OK, we had it once but I was in Florida so it didn’t count. My wife dragged me to the garden center yesterday and was disappointed that they didn’t have their spring stock in yet. They go by the calendar, not by the weather.

    Of course, we always get our worst blizzards in March, and twice in my lifetime baseball Opening Day has been snowed out, but it is supposed to be 50 degrees by Wednesday, so maybe not.

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