This Week In Nashville Part 1

Business travel. Who-eee. Amirite? The new United/Continental thing is fairly amusing except when they run out of things. They were out of sugar this time which didn’t affect me at all, but this is the same flight that was OUT OF BOOZE on a previous run. [note: remind me to tell you sometime about how my new husband held up a flight of 110 people for 4 hours in the dessert ON OUR HONEYMOON because the plane was out of water.]

Anyway, right after the announcement about the sugar came the mystifying message from the stewardess that we might see snowflakes coming out of the overhead vents. In all my hundreds of thousands of flying miles over the years, this was a new one on me. I think a single heavy flake did bomb straight down onto my Kindle at one point, but I was half-asleep so maybe I was just dreaming about snow inside of an airplane.

I was in Nashville this week, maybe for the last time. After I got a look at the way they remodeled the car rental area, I’m not going to miss it all that much. BNA is one of the most user-friendly airports there are. It used to be that you’d walk out the door, walk 30 feet into the parking garage and boom! you were right in the Hertz rental area. Now they’ve opened up a $78 million parking structure expansion with one of those consolidated car rental areas and it’s enormous. The three story structure is bigger than the airport terminal AND they don’t even have those guitar-playing singers stationed around in there like they do in the terminal. The do however have a little golf/cart jitney thing to take gape-mouthed passengers from where they thought the car rental was to where it is now. There’s still a lot of walking involved, though. This video is an accurate representation of the very shiny, very non-human experience:

Consolidated Rental Car Facility at Nashville International Airport from Nashville Airport Authority on Vimeo.

Long story short: I survived but I won’t miss not going there anymore. I will miss the Hanger Steak Salad that I usually got at my favorite restaurant there though. I had it one last time on this trip. Virtual tour!  I never thought I’d like to be in a place where every single wall is painted a dark olive green, but it’s very charming and soothing.I usually sat in the sunroom or the library. le sigh, y’all.


2 thoughts on “This Week In Nashville Part 1

  1. The patio looks wonderful. Outdoor dining is not something we do much of here in the depths of frozen hell.

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