Nuh. Nuh.Nuh.Nuh.Nuh.Nuh.Nuh.Nuh.

This Is the Way the World Ends. This Is the Way the World Ends. This Is the Way the World Ends. This is the way I’m going out. Completely senseless and lost in my own world but still able to perform  Bohemian Rhapsody acapella without flaw. Advertisements

Oh. My. Gawd.

Gaze upon it: Male? Female? Seriously? Obviously, this seller has never seen this: Although who am I to criticize – the guy has 10 of them! I should put this up on Pinterest under the heading HEART THROB. And just in case you forgot, Everyone Stop What You’re Doing Right Now and Look At This

Pinned. Soon To Be Powned.

Timeline: 5:25 pm ET – Someone posts an article on Lucianne titled President Obama joins Pinterest. 5:30 pm ET – Suzette reads the headlines and brief article. 5:33 pm ET – Suzette visits Pinterest and finds that the nature of the pinnings already seems to be taking something of a turn away from the original intent. 5:40 pm ET – Suzette…

Mad Men: Wild About Harry

Who among us doesn’t love Harry Crane? He’s smart, he’s visionary, he’s able to follow his professional vision when those around him don’t get it and don’t support it. He’s even “fashion forward”! Oh Harry, why you have to be such a  thoughtless swine?

Mad Men: NOW It’s The 60s.

Mad Men is back! I am thrilled. The internet is filled with many sites doing recaps and rhapsodizing about the plot lines. this isn’t one of them. Although I would love to share my impressions with you, I know that I cannot do it as well as some others. Instead, allow me to be your set decoration guide. E01Se5 A Little…