Best FDIL Ever

Reasons that my FDIL is the best ever:

  • She completely gets me when it comes to handbag purchases and is uber supportive and encouraging even if I don’t really need another one.
  • She agreed to watch all 10 hours of “The Thornbirds” with me even though Barbara Stanwyck and Richard Chamberlain mean nothing to her.
  • She likes to have a companionable glass of wine and some girl talk to pass the time while the hunter/gatherers are gone off to Pep Boys to hunt for car parts.
  • We can do girly things together like using paper nut cups during cocktail hour, so very unlike the hunter/gatherers around here who stick their giant paws right into my Stangl “Rooster” lug-handled soup bowl to gather as many nuts as they can get in one handful.

8 thoughts on “Best FDIL Ever

  1. shut up show up and wear beige. this always makes me laugh…
    being a mil is very hard work esp. for a loud mouth 1/2 lit 1/2 ruskie like MOIS>

  2. I love my DIL’s, (how do you make that plural?) but I talk to one of them more because we can talk about books. Having something in common is a big deal. Of course grands help a lot in the conversation department.

    • D’sIL.

      But that sorta looks more like what one uses as fuel in a farm tractor, so you might go with the pluralized acronym.

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