I Still Have Two Things to Say About Madonna

1. The Wig. To me, the most marvelous thing about Madonna’s Super bowl performance was her wig. I didn’t really notice at first, but the wig was designed so that the skullcap part of it stayed close to her head. Only the ends were free to swing around. That means that every time she was flipped upside down, when she righted herself she didn’t have to push a whole head of hair out of her face. It just stayed where it was supposed to stay all the time. When you think about it, that was genius.

2. The Crotch. Have you seen a photo of her upside down during the half time show? No? Here’s one. There’s been a lot of online speculation about the condition of that crotch and what could have caused the darkness there. Most people fall into one of two camps: 1. dirt or 2. bruising. That’s because the speculators are not 1. ladies or 2. nurses.  The fact is that the dark skin is evidence of a previous yeast infect. Fact! Case closed.

Related: Here is Madonna’s  crotch selling Louis Vuitton handbags. I haven’t  seen her wig sign any endorsement deals yet.

From the link: I seriously doubt anyone is looking at this photo and thinking to themselves “Oh, wow, a vag-cophagus. I suddenly need a new handag.”


6 thoughts on “I Still Have Two Things to Say About Madonna

  1. I have but one thing to say about the Queen of Skank (retweeting something my grandfather once said about a trollop): “If she had as many pricks sticking out of her as have been stuck in her, she’d be a porcupine.”

  2. Let’s see; how many talented entertainers have posed in a provocative way? Dolly Parton..nope The late Whitney Houston..nope Celine Deion..nope Edie Gorme..nope Cher..maybe

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