I Had Myself X-Rayed From Head To Toes

Current Status: searching for just the right bracelet for the (three months away) Big Day as mother of the groom.

I mentioned before that I thought I might like to wear something that evokes the cross charm bracelet worn my the Duchess of Windsor on her wedding day. (Spoiler alert: Never mind. I am already over it.) And guess what? Carolee made a costume copy. Well, not a copy as it turns out. More like an homage. But I found it for sale on a site that offers a pretty intense zoom and noticed that one of the cross has an inscription that reads “We are too 25.XI.34”.

So, Google search yada yada yada and we arrive at at a sharp photo of the real thing and a description of each cross that was gifted by Edward to Wallis to mark important events in their life together.

I was willing to shell out an unreasonable amount of money for the costume version until I saw the photo of the real thing.

“Stunning piece of jewelry and an important part of the Collection of Duchess of Windsor: Cross Bracelet. The chain bracelet is spectacle-set with circular- and brilliant-cut Diamonds and suspends nine gem-set Latin crosses to a navette-shaped clasp.” The Ruby King

Each cross is inscribed according to the event it represents.

Our marriage cross  Cross set with calibré-cut Sapphires, Emeralds, one similarly cut Ruby and a baguette Diamond, inscribed and dated: Our marriage Cross Wallis 3.VI.37 David. The cross commemorates the marriage of The Duke of Windsor and Wallis Simpson. The couple were married on 3rd June 1937 in France. [This one is just downright ugly, is it not? Why not just all diamonds for such an important occaision, David? Hmmm?]

God Save the King for Wallis  Cross set with calibré-cut Aquamarines, inscribed and dated: God save the King for Wallis. 16.VII.36. This inscription refers to an incident on 16th July 1936, when King Edward VIII was riding in a procession on Constitution Hill after presenting new colors to the Gaurds. He was threatened by an Irish Journalist with a loaded revolver. [Oh that David! What a card. Just in case the Kind of Bulgaria was getting ready to make a move.]

Appendectomy Cross Cross set with calibré-cut Amethyst, inscribed and dated: Appendectomy Cross Wallis 31-VIII-44 David. The Duchess of Windsor was ailing for some months in 1944 left Nassau and was admitted into Roosevelt Hospital, New York. She underwent an operation for appendicitis with complications on 31st August there. [Note to self: tally up lifetime total of bangs, bumps and bruises and see if I can get Sami to spring for a gemstone bauble.]

X Ray Cross  Cross set with calibré-cut Emeralds, inscribed and dated: X Ray Cross Wallis – David 10.7.36.
This cross was presented only a few days before King Edward VIII was threatened with a loaded revolver. Mrs Simpson wrote from Fort Belvedere on 1st August 1936, to her Aunt Bessie giving details of her state of health: ‘I had myself X-rayed from head to toes, they found a healed ulcer scar.” [ Insert joke about “Social X-rays” here. ]

The Kings Cross God bless WE  Cross set with baguette Diamonds, inscribed and dated: The Kings (sic) Cross God bless WE 1-3-36. This inscription probably refers to the date of Mrs Simpson’s departure for Paris on 1st March 1939. After six exhausting weeks of the new reign, she sought with her friend ‘Foxy’ Gwynne, a few days relaxation. It may be construed from the sentiment expressed on the charm that the King was not exactly pleased at her disappearance. He was still in mourning for his father and heavily burdened with unfamiliar duties . [Oh, I see. The all-diamond cross had already been used.]

St Wolfgang Cross set with calibré-cut Rubies, inscribed and dated : Wallis – David St Wolfgang 22-9-35.
This belonged to the Duke and was a necklace with three cross pendants. One of these was a Rubies set Latin cross Pendant. [Looks to me like the smooth talker is just pulling cross-giving occasions out of his ass now.]

Get Well Cross  Cross set with calibré-cut Yellow Sapphires, inscribed and dated : “Get Well” Cross Wallis Sept. 1944 David. The sentiments were same as that of the Appendectomy cross. [I notice that while  We were still royalty, the crosses were diamonds and platinum. After the abdication, We’re giving yellow sapphires .]

Wallis-David 23-6-35 Cross set with calibré-cut Sapphires, inscribed and dated : Wallis – David 23-6-35.
Edward’s Pendant designed as a Latin cross one set with Sapphires, the reverse inscribed and dated: 23.6.35 was a birthday gift from Wallis to commemorate his forty-first birthday.

WE are too  Cross in Platinum, inscribed and dated: WE are too (sic) 25-XI-34. The inscription ‘We are too 25-XI-34’ is a punning allusion to Mrs. Simpson and the Prince of Wales'(WE) feeling for one another: WE(Wallis and Edward) are also in love, and WE too are in love. This is of particular significance as the Prince’s brother, George, Duke of Kent, was married a few days later on 29 November, 1934, to Princess Marina of Greece, at Westminster Abbey. [A punning allusion. I told you he was a card.]

So I don’t know. Now I’m back to Square One, bracelet-wise.

8 thoughts on “I Had Myself X-Rayed From Head To Toes

  1. I saw a Duchess (don’t you just want to stick a t in Duchess?) replica for sale at the Vatican so if you can book a trip to Rome. get to the Vatican store, you can buy one modeled after the real thing. I say go for it.

  2. It’s sad to think those are the only occasions thought worthy enough to be set in gemstones. No babies, no honors, just appendectomies, and times when she left him to cope alone.

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