I Hate Myself

I looked at Pinterest (warning: lots of stupid nail polish pictures there) today for the very first time and immediatley saw six things I like and a billion things that irritated me. I guess the point of it is to post things you saw someplace else and then other people see it and post it again. Doesn’t anybody know how to blog anymore? Everybody has to be a “-diva” these days.

It’s not for me. Cranky Diva. I don’t want to be aggravated any more than I have to be. Here’s something good: Easter chick deviled eggs:

I can't use these on my Easter table because I'm afraid these might detract from the Butter Lamb.

25 thoughts on “I Hate Myself”

  1. I love the eggs. And I don’t think they would detract from the butter lamb. Just don’t set them beside the lamb.

  2. I saw the little deviled egg chicks too. The grands will love them. You’re right about pinterest, but it’s like a roadside wreck, I can’t look away. I’m plenty sick of the various ugly things made from t shirts.

  3. Geeze anyone who doesn’t like the majority of the posts on Pinterest must have an awfully sad imagination. Someone hateful who needs to chill out and enjoy life a bit! I’ve gotten so much inspiration for makeup, jewelry, crafts & food on there. But anyways, these chick deviled eggs are great, can’t wait to make them for the family’s easter dinner.

      1. I do like the new look for the deviled eggs-kinda reminds me of angry birds. They just need some black eyebrows.

  4. Where’s the source for the devilled eggs picture you posted? They look great and I would love the recipe!

  5. Eyes are black olives and nose is carrot shred … same concept as reg deviled eggs only take top off instead of cutting in half, trick is getting the yolk out w/out destroying the body… it’s a challenge but once you figure it out, it moves quickly.

  6. Looks like a snippet of carrot and black olive for eyes and nose and easy deviled egg recipe is to mash the yolk and add Sandwich spread, all the ingredients are in there in a perfect combo, we have been doing this with eggs or tuna for years!! Enjoy!! I have to agree tho with Cripes Suzette on pinterest, too much time wasted looking, I’d rather be doing! Lots of good ideas if you can find them!

    1. I cannot imagine that someone so angry likes something as cute as a “devided egg chick”. Maybe there’s hope.

      But then again who could imagine someone so stupid they can’t even manage to spell “deviled”? Maybe that’s instant karma.

  7. These are adorable. What a clever idea.

    Pinterest directed me to this site, so it’s not all bad, right? I’m not a blogger, and I don’t even think this is in the same category. I think of it as a bulletin board for things that inspire me. Like your egg creation!

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