Every Time I Look At You I Don’t Understand

A lot of the websites I visit this week are laden with ads for a revival of Jesus Christ Superstar on Broadway. I admit that I am thrilled. I looked at the website several times, blinded by my own reverie, before I realized this was one of those productions where they dress the actors in modern clothing. Behold, The Savior in a yellow seersucker:

* sigh * Can't they leave anything alone?

When I was a young nurse in NYC, my first job was on an orthopedic floor so I took care of a lot of injured dancers. A year or two after the JCS movie was released, one smug young prick of a dancer wannabe revealed that he had a friend who was a background dancer in the movie. As about to start rhapsodizing about how much I loved the movie he said, “What a piece of crap that was!” I moved his water pitcher two inches beyond his reach.

Well, I don’t know. I guess this is the kind of well-known material that just begs for modern interpretation. Now that I think of it, the movie was all modernized, too. I accepted a blonde, blue-eyed Jesus and I didn’t question the machine gun-toting soldiers wearing silver WWII helmets and lavender tank tops.  My favorite part is where the hybrid Chippendale/Pharisees climb around on rickety scaffolding and wear those big rubbery bladder things for hats – – so reminiscent of giant toilet floats.

Caiaphas and his crew

So I don’t know. I’m crotchety, I guess. Stuck on my own time warp. So, go ahead with your seersucker Jesus. Maybe it’s supposed to be a symbol of the meaning of Easter – the Resurection, writ large as a giant Peep. I really don’t know.


2 thoughts on “Every Time I Look At You I Don’t Understand

  1. Yanni?

    I thought it was Kenny G.

    The current fad in the performing arts world is make everything look contemporary. It’s not universally loved and you didn’t have to look any further than the curtain calls when the Met did po-mo Faust last fall. The director came out and get generously booed.

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