From Our Department of Spring Fever

I was misled about the degree of smashedness of my beloved birdbath. I was told that the base was broken when the tree fell on it, but the bowl survived. Apparently, a person who lived most of his adult life as an urbanite  in Cairo and then Brooklyn does not truck with bases and bowls. What he should have told me is that the whole thing was gone. Then I wouldn’t have spent so much time thinking of innovative bases to set the bowl upon.

Gone but never never forgotten. I can't believe these are the only two pictures I have of it.

Well, now that I know where we really are, we can start shopping for a new birdbath. I tried to find a duplicate tree-themed one but it is not to be. That deluxe item was a lucky K Mart purchase many years ago and no tree-themed contemporary bird bath can ever come close to it.

I’ll be placing it in a semi-circle of yellow Knock Out shrub roses next to the deck. There won’t be any ground cover or ornamentals planted there – just roses and mulch. So I’m thinking a strong color is called for.  How do you like the green one? Is the turquoise one strong enough to stand up to a primary color in the strong mid-day sun?

left: Primary color, shiny glazed finish. right: Muted color, crackle finish with additional areas of distressing plus two built-in birds.

I love focusing on the garden this time of year. You can plan anything and say you’re going to do anything but you don’t really have to do anything because it’s really only blowing hot air until the season really starts.

I am getting a new bird bath, though so your opinion is appreciated.


18 thoughts on “From Our Department of Spring Fever

  1. I can so relate to spring fever in February! I had the railing on my deck replaced last week, and it just looks so good now that I want to start planting flowers in containers to put on it, and I’m planning my gardens, and I’m waiting on a quote for a new front porch that I probably can’t afford, but it will give me a savings goal if nothing else, and today it’s rainy and crappy outside and I can’t go putter in the yard and it’s making me crazy! I like the turquoise bird bath; I can’t say what it is about the green one I don’t like, but it just seems too…formal? The turquoise one looks lived-in.

  2. Get the turquoise one on the right. Consider the birdie’s feet gripping the edge. That green one looks ouchy for their feet. I got one just like the turquoise one in a mid range brown. Love it but
    the birdies haven’t found it yet. It’s a bit early in the season even in Texas.

  3. My vote is for the turquoise one on the right. I don’t know anything about how other birds feel about built-in birds but if I was a bird, I’d want to land on that one and strike up a conversation. Plus it just looks more like it belongs in a beautiful garden setting.

  4. Since you never attracted concern trolls…


    What about the birds? How is it that they’ve been oh so conveniently left out of your precious election process?

  5. The left one is too formal, so I vote for the turquoise one. My growing season is the total opposite of yours. Right now, I have ripe cherry tomatoes I grow in two large pots. In pots to keep the jackrabbits from eating them.

  6. The one on the right. If it had faucets, or if I was into the Old West sort of bathing, I’d have it for a bathroom sink. Also, on holidays you can dress up the birdies in costumes. Leprechaun, Easter Bunny, the Grim Reaper….

    • Then again, the Deer Painter might diversify into miniatures.

      Go with something made out of unadorned concrete. It’ll look more natural when the inevitable algae and mildew set in.

  7. Both are terrific. I’d pick the one on the left, just because that’s where I am right now. I like the Arts & Craft motif.

    It depends on the gardener; the one on the right would suffer more weeds around it.

  8. The celadon one (is it?) on the right. Definitely. There’s no question about it. Please do not consider any other. Thank you.

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