I have had a very busy work week, in which I got pinged at least 10 times a day.

I know this because my business email is full of things like “I just pinged Suzette.” or “Why don’t you ping Suzette to get her opinion?” And I like it because I always read it as pinned instead of pinged. As if I was going steady with everybody in the IT department. Which I guess I am.

Suzette and Krishnapalli sitting in a decision tree,
First comes love,
then comes marriage.
Then comes Venkata with another question about mapped data transfer.

Anyway, that was just a fake opener until we get to our real business today. See below:


HANDBAG UPDATE: You guys, I really really tried not to buy another handbag right now. But you know what? It was very hard to find one of these in blue and when I did find it, they only had one left. So I bought it, thinking  “Okay, if t’s a casual bag then I can just wear it around.”

But it’s not casual at all. It’s quite fancy.

Ooh la la!

What a surprise!

First of all, the one that was delivered is more colorful and less beige background-y than the sample picture. ANNND the outside is fabric. (And the inside is vegan leather. Isn’t that genius?) And not just fabric, it’s fancy fabric with shiny embroidered threads and then the design is printed over that.

I haven’t trotted it upstairs yet to see how it looks next to the dress but I’ll tell you this right now – it’s a keeper.


12 thoughts on “Pinged

  1. That was Gilbert & Sullivan, right? You know, “PING …. unrequited robs me of me rest; PING hopeless love, my ardent soul encumbers; PING, nightmare-like, lies heavy on me chest,
    and weaves itself into my midnight slumbers…”

  2. Vegan leather? Is that like naugahyde? As a Western Wyoming rancher’s daughter I’m unfamiliar with anything vegan. I’m almost completely vegetable free. We don’t grow many veggies in the frozen tundra, but we grow lots of meat and leather. If it can stay alive until maturity we kill it and eat it whether it’s vegetable or animal.

  3. I have a friend who’s grandfather (now deceased) used to make leather goods (boots, belts, jackets) only from animals that died of natural causes… because he was vegetarian. Funny that many of his goods had tire tracks, suspiciously (exactly) like the tires on his 1948 Ford truck.

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