Let’s Talk About Me For A Change

Mother of the Groom update:

The plain teal dress arrived and when I tried it on, it made me look fucking beautiful. No brag, just fact. Well, beautiful except for the parts where fat is hanging on me. That, of course, is my charm. Anyway, here’s today’s topic of obsession: the handbag.

If I go for dyed-to-match shoes, that gives me unfettered handbag freedom, what with the understated dress and all. My first notion was to go to the opposite side of the color wheel and select fuchsia as the contrasting color. A fuchsia evening bag – yes. But fuchsia shoes would be too much like you know Moo so that could never happen.

Then I thought “unfettered freedom!” Let’s go right to edge of traditional.  My real-life style consultants both hated my first two choices:

They deemed the top one “too casual” and the bottom one “both childish and grandmotherly with First Communion vibes” .

The question you are asking yourselves right now is Suzette, how can you have style consultants who lack vision and have no imagination? but there we have it.

So now I’m thinking a plain fabric bag of color not yet selected but adorned with a sizable vintage Aurora Borealis pin. Which takes us to eBay and the point of this whole post.  Check out this beauty:

Vintage Sears Rhinestone Aurora Borealis Rhinestone Nixon Pin. This gold-tone pin is a circle of aurora borealis rhinestones with a center with the name NIXON. It measures about 1-3/8″ diameter. It is marked on the back that looks like SEARS. From an estate sale so may need cleaning.

What a wonderful world, eh? Don’t panic – I’m not considering this for my ensemble. But isn’t it a seriously a wonderful thing to share a world with.


41 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Me For A Change

    • That is genius. I confess I never thought of that. It would also come in handy for lugging the gift envelopes around. Kind of a mobile combination MIL/wedding envelope receptacle.

      “We have this gift for the happy couple. Can you tell me where the MIL/wedding envelope receptacle is right now?”
      “I just saw her at the seafood bar. Oops – no, she’s over by the champaign fountain. Better hustle.”

  1. The last thing I had that had “Nixon” on it was my draft notice. This sort of put me off the whole “Nixon Regalia” thing. However, if you see a copy of his death certificate for sale on eBay, let me know.

    • I do love an ornate bag. Will this clash with my double giant orchid corsage?

      I’m not really looking to be the traditional mother of the groom. It’s more like I’m looking to have my moment, even if I’m the only one who recognizes how fabulous it’s going to be in it’s own meaningful (to me only) way.

      Life is short. Carpe clutch purse.

  2. Your fashion consultants fail to appreciate your fine sense of historical irony. Maybe it’s just too soon in terms of history while we still remember out grandmothers carrying exactly that same beige needlepoint handbag. I predict today’s little girls named Ruby, Grace, Alice, Edna, Louise etc. will be rocking that bag big time and thinking they invented it.

  3. The top purse is GREAT! Not too casual at all.
    The second purse reminds me of my Grandma at church. That’s a “no go” in my mind.

    I’m not a fan of the Nixon pin just because it said “so may need cleaning.” Cleaning = bad word in my world. 🙂

  4. No matter what purse you decide: make sure there is a strap that you can cling to or else you’ll be hugging everyone with your purse on their back. A fashion hint I learned from a blog on Queen Elizabeth’s rules for decorum.

    Color: multibeaded would be nice. cranberry colored?

  5. Dyed to match shoes do not always come out in the color they promised. As a mother of a groom 17 years ago, we tried twice to match the coral color of my suit. Once we got a hideous orange, and once a dark peach , neither of which looked good at all. I ended up getting a pair of ivory shoes with a pearl luster.

    I suggest you have a pair of back-up shoes in mind in case the dye plan doesn’t work.

  6. I agree with Miss Marple in that you should scrap the dyed shoes and go with dressy flesh-toned or ivory shoe. If you notice on DWTS, they often put the women in flesh-toned shoes in order to not draw attention to the feet, should the celebrity have less than perfect footwork. Plus, where do you shop that they will dye shoes? I don’t think they do that at DSW, however I admit I’ve never asked…

    • I did originally think that flesh colored pumps would be the way to go, but the choices in low heels are either bone (which is nothing) or tan (which is too much). I guess what I’m really looking for is “blush”.

  7. Ask yourself this… do you really need a purse? I’d stash a tube of lipstick between the girls and call it a day. The Hubs can carry the car keys, credit cards, cell phone, camera, kitchen sink, whatever. You will have your hands free and not need to worry about where your purse is.

  8. i like the bag up top too – but come on – you’d need to bling it up a little with some beads or something 🙂

    Getting ready to choose my own mother of the bride dress. I’m making it so I already know it is deep purple silk shantung – have 5 yards. From there I don’t know yet but with 5 yards the possibilities are boundless.

  9. Say “No” to dyed to match shoes. I consider teal a somewhat neutral color and envision a metallic shoe in bronze or pewter. In which case, you could do a printed bag but one that has some sort of strap so you can manage important stuff like food and drink with both hands.

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