Hey, Suzette – How Did Those Broccoli Bites Turn Out?

Super! Here’s a picture.

That's how fast they disappeared.

I made the Broccoli Bites exactly as the recipe stated. The next time I make them, I won’t change a thing.  It was simple, fast and easy. They were good hot and at room temperature. They never got a chance to get cold – that’s how good they were. We ate them plain, or with a spot of cold plain yogurt on top or dunked into onion dip. All good! Definitely the hit food of the night.

Total L-O-V-E  for Stacey Snacks. I had the good luck to stumble across this site when I was looking for a recipe for Chicken Savoy. If you could see me right now, you’d see little cartoon hearts fluttering out of my chest headed north on the Garden State Parkway until they land on her. Every time I look there, I bookmark the recipe of the day. Her recipe presentation is always clear and lets you believe that you can reproduce everything she does, plus there are plenty of gorgeous pictures. Worth your time to take a look there, whoever you are, cook or not.

Well, Super Bowl, eh? Or more specifically – Super Bowl half-time show. Now I get why they choose the old rock geezers for the half-time shows. It’s because they know how to move on an ant-tiny stage to drive a stadium crowd wild. Even a miniature geezer like Prince knows how to do it. I can’t imagine Train or Lana Del Rey moving around enough to fill that space. Am I the last person to get this?

So Madonna’s knees were pretty good, weren’t they? I assume she still has her original hips. All that large limb movement, Elvis-type swiveling and staircase strutting in spike heels. Bless her 53 year old heart. I bet she does the royal Canadian Air Force exercises.  Madonna and Bette Midler and all of their  knees, hips and high heels are my heroes. I only hope that the under-50 crowd got that the entrance was homage to Liz Taylor entering Rome in the movie Cleopatracomplete with giant golden wings and skirted men yoked together.  I think a lot of newspaper people are missing that too. No one has yet mentioned the movie yet  as far as I can read. Only vague references to generic Egyptian queens. Is it possible that they don’t know? No. It’s not possible. What a bleak world that would be.

And Ceelo Green. I recognized him from an episode of “Parenthood” this season. Question: does NBC own Ceelo’s ass this year? Because he sure does seem to show up on a lot of NBC shows. I know he was on the Voice and I bet he’s been on SNL. Whoever his management is must be pretty damn smart to take an indistinguishable potty-mouth rapper, flood the NBC family-friendly shows and arrange it so that even a main stream-conservative-pop culture dimwit like me not only knows who he is on is at first glance but smiles when he comes on the screen. Confession: when Nicki Ninja and MIA -both of whom I had to look up- came into view, I thought it was Salt ‘n Pepa.(Too bad it wasn’t. Shoop!)

Loved those Yabba Dabba Do guys with the crazy hair. And breakaway clothing? I LOVE THAT. Isn’t that everybody’s dream? To rip away their clothing in public and surprise people by appearing to be the someone else? Isn’t it? Perhaps I’ve said too much.

Everybody on Twitter is talking about Ceelo’s glittering robes but did you see his sparkly clogs? CeeLo may have had the choir robe thing wrapped up but Madonna out ranked him with a comparatively understated cassock and ferraiolo mozetta. She’s Madonna , you fools – you think that was an accident? Hey, maybe she was giving a Givenchy-clad smackdown to the Obama and his new tactic of riding rough over Catholic beliefs?  We’ll pull out the papist references and Cardinal’s vestments whenever we have to.

(left) Madge gets her One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic church on; (center) Costume sketch; (right) Father Ralph de Bricassart. The short cape is called a mozetta. You didn't know that I had a near-encyclopedic knowledge of priestly vestments, did you?

[Update: I correct myself. Mozetta, not ferraiolo. 😦 Blessed are the non-showoffs for they will never embarrass themselves by shooting their showoff  mouths off.]

Best best best Super Bowl tweet of the night came from the genius Patton Oswalt:


9 thoughts on “Hey, Suzette – How Did Those Broccoli Bites Turn Out?

  1. Madonna rocked the half time show. As a member of the over 50 crowd I know I would be on some ortho floor today if I attempted a bit of her routine yesterday. (Note to self: get celebrex scrip for upcoming wedding)
    The broccoli bites looked awesome .. or should I say probably looked awesome. The spatula featured is in my baking utensil hall of fame. I love mine. IT’s perfect.
    I am on the search for a cover for my Pampered Chef Chillzanne tray. It met with an untimely death at the Lampman’s. It’s the large one with removable dividers .. you put it in the freezer if needed. It has “pie” type divider thingy.. this is all covered with a plastic dome (this is the piece that died) and there is a handle that clips on for easy carrying.;
    Do you think Pampered CHef would have a replacement??? I am desperated.

  2. Loved the choir – they looked like they’d shopped at a UFO cult’s yard sale.

    Kudos to those in my Twitter stream who said ‘IF SHE DOESN’T STOP IT SHE’S GONNA BREAK A HIP!’

    Double kudos to the wag who said she was going to wear a hazmat suit to Trader Joe’s at halftime “to scare the people who wonder where everyone was.”

  3. That woman’s still appalling. I have no interest in her skanky old ass.

    Talented? Yesterday. They even let her lip sync. There’s no shame anywhere in the entertainment industry.

  4. I was a Madonna fan when she was proud to be who she is: a skanky singer. When she started writing children’s books and talking “religion” I lost all respect for her.

  5. “And no one cares to comment on The Thornbirds?”

    Sorry, Suzette, but your posts are always so content rich, one cannot take it all in in one sitting.

    Nice tie-in to Cardinal De Bricassart’s mozetta. I never knew what that cape thingy was called. Now I do. 😉 Richard Chamberlain always creeped me out in that role, btw.

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