metallic gold handbag organizer

In a departure from my customary practice of hemming and hawing and incessant questions to others re: should I? or shouldn’t I?, I got my daily internet shopping done early this morning.

Checkout now! Boom!

This way, I have the remainder of the day to rest up.


Also, deer are the new Canada Geese around here. We are overrun with deer this season in NJ. I’ve never seen so many.

the only good deer is a painted concrete deer

They’re pests. They roam the streets in gangs. They are now walking on the sidewalks. They do everything except come up on the stoop and ring your doorbell. They jump out at passing cars. And one of them did just that this morning as Sami was driving to work. Sami’s ok, the deer is whereabouts unknown -probably lurking along the roadside until evening rush to have another go at my husband.

Lots of front end and hood damage to the car that just had every little thing repaired and/or upgraded to get ready for sale.  Not enough damage to total it; repairs will cost more than the car is worth. The car was older and had no collision insurance. It’s a misfortune for us.

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18 thoughts on “FYI

  1. Sorry to hear about the car, thankful your hubs is ok. The deer is probably in an alley smoking cigarettes and shooting craps with his gang… they are waiting for darkness for another spree.

  2. Overgrown rats!!! When they start eating your garden, it’s probably legal to shoot them. Get the freezer chest ready, meat for the whole neighborhood! At least you can claim that you thought it was a burgler, and you fired in self defense!!

  3. That’s the pits. Maybe you should park it in the driveway, throw some carrots around the car and claim it on your homeowners policy, with the explanation a herd of deer stampeded and show the tracks to prove it.

    Be sure to clean up the carrots.

  4. we await the bear season here. he comes right up on our deck. are we insured for this?? don’t know. we have to wait till he/she trashes more than the bird feeder. i guess.
    sorry ’bout the car. damn deer. they eat all my flowers.

  5. We have had more than a few cars maimed in exactly that same scenario. But, we are Wyoming folk and have learned to expect it. I never thought I’d hear about it happening in New Jersey! Your local body shops must be engaging in some deer voodoo.

  6. So sorry about the car and the pesky deer. On a brighter note, I love the Stedman tweets. They are so funny. Thanks for the laughs. Love the dog!!!!

  7. This is a late entry to the convo: I view deer as giant rats. They are all over up here in Northern WI. They eat anything planted, plus get in the way of driving home after work. Rarely see one that I think is “cute”.

  8. Two words:
    Cross bow
    Dead quiet
    Field strip
    Chew toys
    Back straps
    Deer sausage
    Chest freezer
    Free food
    Roadster’s revenge

  9. We have had 4 cars damaged over the years. (One of the reasons that, after my ascent to ultimate power, I instituted a “deer management” program, AKA hunters.) The worst was the one that came partway through the windshield. Fortunately, the plastic membrane in the safety glass held. That one also crapped all over the exterior of the car. I almost did the same to the interior.

    Insurers will usually take a claim under comprehensive rather than collision.

    Honda Accord wagon
    Infiniti G20
    Volvo wagon
    Mini Cooper…

    That’s one more than my daughter has caused (so far). Maybe there should be a Daughter Management program??

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