Hey, have you guys been wondering whatever happened with the big buffet crisis of ’11?

I think it is exquisite.*

The buffet was delivered last week and it is unbelieveably beautiful.  The color is a rich chocolate – dark brown but not blackish. It’s well-made, substantial, subtle and lovely. It acquits itself very well next to the genuinely vintage oak chair. My favorite part of it is the front edge of the top that is textured to look like it was cut with a water-powered circular saw.

I did install a dog runway between the laundry room/back door and the kitchen. I think the pattern of that cheap rug  is sort of Arts and Craftsish and so it fits nicely with my theme – say it with me –Craftsman Style Meets American West Plus Pine Cones And A Big Clock. But even if it wasn’t, it’s the right thing to trap little muddy dog feet as they blast their way across the pale carpeting from the back door to the dog treat jar.

So it all worked out.

*Geraldine Page, Interiors


21 thoughts on “Buffet

  1. Love the chair…it could be one of those million~dollar~antiques~roadshow~discoveries. But it sooo deserves to be recovered in something more Craftsman style….a darker, rich, jeweled toned fabric…not unlike your runway. Now that…would set off that fabulous buffet! (/end snobby designer speak).

    Love the new buffet!

    • Boy, do you people know me or what?

      This is the fabric that I plan to use for a new seat cover and matching lumbar pillow on that chair:

      Text replacing the image
      However, ever since I discovered this Michael Miller pattern below, I’m thinking a plain dark leather seat cover and this for the back pillow:

      Text replacing the image

      [notes to self: Moda A Morris Tapestry Daffodil Stripe (Black); Michael Miller Wine List (Tan)]

      • Fabulous options there! I love love love the top fabric. I think it would totally give you an authentic “Craftsman” feel. But I’m partial to the second one too. Decisions, decisions!

    • The wall color is Martha Stewart “Pongee” but guess what? They don’t make it under that name anymore. We had to chip off a piece from the laundry room and have Home Depot match it in Behr paint. I’ll have to look up the formula (recipe?) for you.

      • Never, ever, have I had a successful project with Behr paint. I cannot get it to cover in less than 3 coats. Is there some secret “Premium” version they don’t put out on the regular shelves?

        I remain loyal to Benjamin Moore.

        • Yes there is! It’s some kind of premium plus paint and primer together that cost an ungodly sum but it really covers in one coat. You were probably just using premium, not premium plus.

  2. VERY nice! What a clean and soothing tableaux. I love the drawer and door pulls and the turquoise of the vaahz is just the right pop of unexpected color.

    Agree about the chair seat. That chair is gorgeous. It deserves better than the flame stitch.

  3. We just bought a TV stand that’s the same wood style as your buffet! I loved it so much that I bought it even though it doesn’t match a damn thing in the house!

    Your buffet is beautiful. I wish my TV stand had a spot for alcohol like your buffet does.

  4. Oh I so love that buffet! I need something like that in my dining room but haven’t been looking too hard. Now that I’ve seen yours I may have to go out furniture shopping again soon.

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