The Best of Suzette

… is yet to come.

( I was going to list all of my January 1 blog posts instead of creating something new for today BUT I SEE THAT I DID THAT ALREADY IN 2009. I’m like the Milton Berle of blogging – the nature of the venue has changed, no contemporary material, abandoned by the masses but still unwilling to leave the stage.)


UPDATE I: It’s a clear sunny day in New Jersey. I let the dog out for his morning romp and he was out there an unusually long time. Most mornings, he comes right back to the door because he knows there’s a Scooby Doo Dog Treat (“rogs ruv em”) waiting for him. Today though, he didn’t come.

This worried me because the backyard has three gates, one of which gives access to the ravine and creek. Even two dogs ago, I couldn’t clamber down there to rescue a fallen dog – I had to send a kid in.  Stedman refused to come even when I walked out to the deck rail to see where he was. No jingle of dog tags, no dog nails tapping against the patio, no thundering up the wooden steps.

But he was in the yard, happily chowing down on a partial carcass and surrounded by a 5 foot radius of fur tufts. That would explain the big flap of crows that flew up from the yard when I opened the door. It was either a big squirrel or a small rabbit. If it was a rat, I’m moving.

I only hope that the animal wasn’t a victim of the neighbor’s poison pellets again. I think the most likely scenario is that the local eagle, or Red-Tailed Hawk whatever, had the creature in its grip but dropped it in the yard, the crows came around to scavenge and then Stedman invited himself to the party. The dog is in here on the carpet now, looking cute and snoozing away. Probably dreaming about tossing the filthy carcass around.


UPDATE II: Dear Internet, Can you substitute instant coffee for espresso powder in a Chocolate Hazelnut Biscotti recipe? Because that’s what I just did. Results pending.

Sidenote: My spice grinder is filled with the aroma of the last thing we ground in there a few weeks ago: anise seed. Nothing is where I left it, drawers are filled with useless gadgets I assumed were discarded weeks ago, unused boxes of bizarre and unusual things are taking up space and someone has disrespected the orderly line up of extract bottles. Clearly, my God-given right as mistress of the kitchen cabinets has been usurped.


UPDATE III: I just turned my nutmeg grater over and engraved on the bottom next to the patent number is this:”Made on the third planet from the sun.” Dude, Kumbaya and all that but it sounds to me like someone is being a little defensive.

15 thoughts on “The Best of Suzette”

  1. According to Martha Stewart, if you grind up some stale bread in the spice grinder, it will remove the scent of the last spice you put in there. I’ve never tried it though. Your mileage may vary.

  2. If you are unable to get instant espresso powder and a recipe you are contemplating calls for this ingredient, it is worth noting that you can substitute espresso powder with 1 to 1 ½ teaspoons of regular instant coffee, preferably dark roasted. The regular instant coffee that is used as a substitute for espresso powder will give the same cooking results as the espresso powder and the only difference that you will find is that the coffee won’t give off the deep roasted flavor that the espresso does.

  3. Bless Stedman’s little doggie heart. I hope he didn’t ingest any poisons. As for the invasion of your kitchen. I am the proud wife of a 2 years retired learning-to-cook-and-being-very-helpful man. I have given up all pretense of knowing where things are in my kitchen. It’s now his domain. I can’t say I miss it.

  4. My wife has welcomed me into the kitchen. In fact, she has now come to demand it.

    How in heck do you run out of espresso? I’ve been known to drive out in a blizzard in order to stay caffeinated.

  5. Happy New Year!

    I looked at your tweets above and was puzzled by the Gussie Fink-Nottle / Newt Gingrich reference. Then I saw the reference to Madeline Basset here and had to look it up. Ah – Gussie Fink-Nottle, the noted newt fancier. I confess to a horrendous lack of Jeeves and Wooster knowledge. But visiting this blog is educational in so many ways. 😉

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