Xmas List

[Before reading this, you must understand that I fully embrace my materialistic nature and don’t see why I should try to pretend that it’s not there just because it’s Xmas. It doesn’t change the meaning of Xmas for me – it’s there every day. It is what it is, Xmas or not.]

How can I answer the questions of “What do you want for Xmas?” when it’s things like this that thrill me the most?

“Knotty Pine” vinyl shelf liner from the dollar store. Also, some wrapping paper.

The dollar store heyday has long passed and it’s rare to get something that thrills besides wrapping paper or dinner plates to put under flower pots. Still, the occasional thrill is to be found. How can you predict it, though? The shelf life  at the dollar store is short and people don’t take you seriously when you start rhapsodizing about vinyl shelf liner.

A great find at a flea market would do, but it’s not really flea market weather here now. So for family members who have asked, here is my list in no particular order, which is populated by stuff from eBay:

Figgjo Flint egg cups. Tor Viking pattern.

1. Figgjo Flint Tor Viking egg cups. You forgot about my egg obsession, didn’t you? These would add to my breakfast service set, which so far is only one porcelain skillet and two bread and butter plates. Maybe some tiny little S&P shakers that would sprinkle only over the opening of a soft cooked egg.

Zyliss Lift n Lock can opener

2. A new manual can opener. The Zyliss Lock n Lift Can Opener. This one’s from Amazon, but I guess you could find it on eBay too.

Southern Glow, so pleasantly 70’s with its avocado and orange pattern

3. Noritake Southern Glow sugar and creamer and/or some cups and saucers to match my 1970’s teapot. A casual tea service (to put on top of my my new mission-style buffet which I haven’t purchased yet but will put in the den [which incidentally STILL isn’t finished] for easy access and set tea on it for after dinner once the pre-dinner bar set up is cleared away) ! It’s like Downton Abbey around here with the specialized dishes. And I’m like the lord. Technically, I guess I should have said I’m like the lady of the manor but its too late now and you can’t put the high-powered executive woman toothpaste back in the  patriarchal tube.


Ivoire de Balmain. vintage. 1/4 oz. affordable.

4. Also, I wouldn’t mind some vintage Parfum Ivoire de Balmain.

But I don’t delude myself. Nobody is going to select any of these for me because NO ONE GETS ME. If they read my blog, they’d think of these themselves or at least would have a good idea of what to get. By the time Xmas rolls around and I’m done opening the stupid answering machine or sonic jewelry cleaner, these will be all disappeared from eBay never to be seen again. Maybe the can opener will survive in the marketplace.

4 thoughts on “Xmas List”

  1. Egg cups:
    A documented opinion on the “Eggies” now for sale everywhere.
    I wasted $10 on a box of Eggies and am advising anyone who is thinking of buying it to listen here:

    The Eggies come in 4 pieces; a cup, a top, a screw part and a lid. You have to liberally oil the cup or the egg won’t come out. It takes more time to put the thing together properly than it would to boil the egg in the shell and peel it.
    If you use an Eggie, you have to cover them in the fridge if you’re not using them right away.
    So, IMO. Boil the egg in the shell, peel them under running water or store them in their God-given covering.
    Save $10.

    1. This is true unless you have fresh eggs from your own chickens.

      Eggies are pretty irritating but are the only way we’ve found to successfully boil eggs from our hens without wasting most of the egg in the peeling process due to the thick membranes around the white of the egg.

      We use a light coating of olive oil, which works well.

      The shape, however, doesn’t work for deviled eggs – they come out flat on the top.

      I would NOT use Eggies for store-bought eggs – you are right that it’s easier to boil and peel them.

  2. The little egg cups are so delightfully odd. It would be a real shame if they were purchased by/for someone who’d fail to see their outre-ness. You must own them or they’re utterly wasted.

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