Second Thanksgiving, A Free Form Poem

We’re still busy with #occupyabundance.

Free turkey with register receipts.

Oven cranked up since 6am to get the pies done first.

Maybe I’ll show you a picture of a beige/brown pile later on.

4 thoughts on “Second Thanksgiving, A Free Form Poem”

    1. And, lo, it came down from the Lords of Shop-Rite who hath decreed that your purchases made with your Shop-Rite discount card shall accrueth points towards a free turkey or ham.

      [In opposition to the Bible-hating anti-Christmas crowd I am going to start writing in King James English…]

  1. I have had “vegetarian turkey”, aka “tofurkey” and – I apologize for the vulgarity – it was indistinguishable from the dross it generated 18 hours later.

    I do, however, think that the “tof…” prefix could be a handy tool to describe what goes on in Trenton and Washington, being that it connotes a less than satisfactory substitute. (An earlier generation would have used “erzatz.”)

    As in: “Tofresident Obama today, accompanied by the Tofirst Lady, re-dubbed the traditional White House Christmas Tree the ‘Solstice Organic Solidarity Totem’, while accompanied by their children and a selection of photo-opable people chosen for their diversity of race, ethnicity, gender and gender preferences.

    “Tofice-President Biden later tried to climb it.”

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