And Still It Drags On

Forgot about the den re-do? If this project was a calendar, we’d just be saying hello to September. You might be wondering how we can live in this unsettled state for so long but believe me, this is nothing compared to some of our  previous escapades.

My decorating theme of Craftsman Style Meets American West Plus Pine Cones And A Big Clock seems to be evolving slowly away from the Craftsman Style part and becoming more western. I’ve always liked the looks of this chair and now it fits right in.

The Queen Anne console table is a remnant of my former decorating life. No one wants it and I can’t bear to throw it away so it lives for a while longer. Its replacement will be the last thing to arrive in this room.

The chair was in Sami’s Brooklyn apartment when he moved in. The longest of long time readers here might remember that he had a floor-through in a brownstone that was previously occupied by the last surviving member of family. She was born in that apartment and died there at age 86 leaving no heirs. The landlady did a thorough job of helping herself to all of the woman’s earthly possessions and left behind only a few unwanted bits of Wedgewood, Fostoria glass, rosary beads and some odd furniture. There were two of these chairs in the kitchen. It’s the only authentic late 1800’s piece in the room, not that authenticity is what I was going for. It just worked out that way.

Now this beauty, on the other hand, is something that we found on the street last year. I won’t say it was free because it cost an awful lot in lectures about how I made him throw the car into reverse on a busy street and then I parked in the wrong place and he had to walk so far in his nice suit carrying a dirty chair. But worth it. Take a look. I tell you I could teach those shabby chic people a thing or two. My favorite part of this is the reinforcing piece on the right side of the chair back. Who knows what happened to the original one but it has been replaced with a piece of non-oak wood that’s been hand-shaped. No one bothered to stain it to match and I don’t think I will either. I love the worn look of the finish on the seat.

In person, it’s not as flaky or forlorn as it looks here.

I like it because it looks very western to me. Hollywood western. Gunsmoke western. I can see a mustachioed sheriff  sitting here waiting for the James gang to arrive.

By the way, I started to pull up the carpeting that’s been here since before we moved in. In 1986. You’d never know from looking at it but it’s been peed on by children and dogs and puked on by persons unknown.  There’s been spillage. At different times both the nearby toilet and the washing machine have overflowed and soaked it. And the red oak floor underneath it all is still perfect.

Take a good look. I’m getting new carpeting next week.

And so there we have it. The random piles of crap laying around are slowly dwindling and progress is being made. We say goodbye to the fantasy of craftsman style and hello to the faux  reality of Wild West City style. But don’t worry – I’m not going all horseshoes and big rusty stars. I’m only considering things that would look right in close proximity to James Arness.


26 thoughts on “And Still It Drags On

  1. OMG….I have that EXACT same chair in the second photo. A remnant of my mother-in-law’s “estate” that wasn’t gin soaked…..and I needed a desk chair, so my husband brought it back from MA to Virginia Beach in 1975ish.

    I have the original side arcs though, overall same condition as yours ! It weighs a ton.

    On the metal collar above the rolling legs reads:

    Milwaukee Chair Co.
    Oct 20, 1914

    Are we related by chair? Could I get a good price on Antiques Roadshow or Pawn Stars ?


  2. Would kill for that console table (though heaven knows where I’d put it, but when did that ever matter?).

    But cover that gorgeous oak floor with wall to wall? Argh.

    Now I do have one concern. I remember that ginger jar lamp that you painted and took to Mission style with a new shade. Wassup? Will you be swapping it for something with a base that looks like a hitching post?

    /s/Inquiring Mind

  3. Don’t cover that beautiful wood floor! We have all hardwood floors that were covered by the previous owners before they sold because they are gouged and scratched and covered in cigarette burns. We’d love to tear up the carpet and leave the hardwood out but we need to spend a fortune to have it all refinished. I’m jealous (but in a good way!!).

  4. Ok, here’s the deal with the wood floor vs. carpteting:

    1. This room is the draftiest one in the house. It needs a carpet to warm it up.
    2. All of the other floors on my main floor are the same exposed red oak so it’s not like it’s the only hardwood game in town.
    3. I guess I could leave it uncovered until it gets beat up from the constant foot traffic and then cover it with carpeting.

    • OK. (Grudgingly.) Your argument is compelling. You’d make a great lawyer. But who needs more lawyers? Carpet it is. C for cozy.

      (Does anyone watch Fox News? At times they bring on two schlocky lawyers – one for the prosecution; the other a defense lawyer. One of the more rabid latter looks like the cartoon character Linus in Peanuts. With glasses. DH and I nearly roll on the floor when he comes on. Lately he’s picked up a black chalkstriped suit at a thrift store – or maybe Mooch ditched her Alexander McQueen? – and he is really something to see.)

  5. Oh, I would love to have those beautiful wood floors. The carpet here is beige (I wouldn’t have bought the house just because of that) but Mr. sablegsd just had to have this house.

    4 dogs and a disabled hubby in a power chair that in many ways reminds me of Pigpen from Peanuts, just with wheels added.

  6. Please. Don’t change that lamp! I love it. I even went out and bought that paint to redo my own someday. All projects around here carry the someday tagline, and most actually do get done—to modify the odd way politicians say it, “later rather than sooner.”

  7. I’m sad, we have gorgeous hardwoods that I am forbidden to expose, because we have no area rugs large enough for our living and dining room. Because I am a dude, I think to myself, “Bag that, just use the smallish ones we already have.” My theory is that they’re just wasting away in the attic and our current carpeting is not in the best shape. Besides, we have the hardwoods in the bedrooms and foyers on the first floor, and it’s fantastic.

    Because I am a dude, I am automatically vetoed on this (and other) matters. The others, there are financial concerns as well, but it’d cost little save my time to yank up and dispose of the current carpeting.

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