Egg Cooker Wars

I may not have mentioned it to you, but my beloved egg cooker failed me. After about 5 uses, the egg tray warped and the buzzer went silent. That was my big chance to exchange it for a chicken-shaped egg cooker that clucked when the eggs were ready, but in the end I couldn’t do it. I exchanged the Cuisinart gone bad for a very good Krups Egg Express.

It’s a much more sturdy and utilitarian appliance. Not glamorous at all but really utilitarian from the lid to the handles to the poaching trays. I’ve made soft eggs, hard eggs, and poached eggs and they were all perfect.  The egg tray here is still plastic but a different kind and much thicker so no warping after about 12 uses. The buzzer is still buzzing. And instead of three small poaching trays, it has two larger ones.

Today, I finally met up with a pigeon who agreed to let me go off-label use and produce omelettes. I saw this on the demo video on YouTube and it looked as easy and as fool-proof as the other methods so I had no qualms about making this for my picky little eater. But it didn’t come out quite as shown.

uh oh. this looks like trouble.

Maybe it was because there was no actual  instruction to follow. Maybe it was because I really beat up them and incorporated a lot of air. Maybe because I added gaseous broccoli or because I didn’t use shredded cheese to keep them panked down.

yup. definitely trouble.

Nobody said to add a spoonful of milk to them but I just figured I should. Looking back on it, that was wrong. They puffed up to the point where they lifted the lid out of position. Then they morphed togetehr into one giant steaming  egg  sponge.


Mercifully, they started to deflate as soon as they hit the plate.

okay. no longer frightening but not exactly appetizing.

They came out looking more like Eggs in A Mug than omelettes but and the pigeon has no comment about how they tasted but she ate 3/4 of them. I dont know that I’d do this again.

5 thoughts on “Egg Cooker Wars”

  1. The only omelet maker anyone needs is an 8″ teflon skillet and a plastic spatula. OK, you can spray the bottom with Pam if you want to be lazy. Not that I would object to the use of hot sauce.

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